A World Tending Towards Bipolarity


Bipolarity. Duality. Parity. Antimatter. The subject matter of physics tells us that in nature the idea of symmetry or mirror image is fundamental. This fact is now much of a cinch in geopolitical relations and global politics. In the modern world, defined by the entry-period of the 20th century to the present, the emergence of a single superpower in the shape of the US after the demise of communism was a situation that could not be tenable, akin to “short-lived events” in particle physics. This singular monolithic behemoth re-structuralisation was soon toppled by an assertive Russia (a component of the former USSR) and an emerging China plus other “annoying sidekicks” that can cause real discomfort and consternation.

The pattern that is now emerging on the global scene, the “scenario,” is one in which Russian heads a political and military alliance of a host of “contra-West” regional players like China, North Korea, Turkey, Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba. This alliance, not rigged to the principles of true democracy and human rights, and lacking the template and models for a true free-market economy, becomes the bogeyman of the New World Order that desires to eliminate world poverty and free mankind from any kind of bondage. This Russo-centric alliance cannot be ignored because of its nuclear-armed military.

Presently, Turkey is gravitating towards an emerging alliance of this nature and this Turkey is strategically-positioned to threaten pro-America Europe. It’s an emerging bipolar world out there right now to hold mankind down for another millennium or so. Black/white; good/bad, light/dark, etc. Now, it is clear for us to see how real “born again” folks who suffer persecution understand their tribulation. Matter/antimatter. Christ/Antichrist.

Sunday Adole Jonah,

Department of Physics, Federal University of Technology, Minna, Niger State