Firm Creates Online Platform to Unify Institutions, Students


As part of efforts to connect the top-tier agents of tertiary institutions and their students worldwide, M Square Media (MSM) Unify, an international education service provider, has created an online platform that will allow institutions to seamlessly market their on-campus and online programmes.

MSM CEO and founder, Sanjay Laul said his organisation is redefining students’ recruitment with its application process and AI-powered recruitment tools and solutions.
“Our goal is to accelerate agent base growth, while invigorating existing recruitment efforts,” he said.
The platform is set to be the toast for agents and institutions for good reasons. He said it offers over 1,000 programmes from high-quality colleges and universities with attractive commissions and perks.

“Its unique features make it a one-stop dashboard to process application and manage students’ online profiles. From automation to analytics, MSM Unify has a reserve of exclusive resources and value adds from partner providers such as airlines, SIM card providers, telecoms and banks,” Laul said.

This he said explains why it has remained a trusted global brand in international enrollment and education management owing to its innovative campus management solutions.
“Many institutions can take advantage of its pre-screened, complete applications for greater speed and efficiency. The platform also helps institutions with matching the right students with suitable programmes.”

MSM Vice-President for Global, Sunnetha Qureshi said: “We want to be true to our tagline: we make student recruitment easier, faster, simpler. Agents can find the best match for their students with more institutional partnerships and institutions now have powerful information to manage their recruiter network at their fingertips.”

She said its recruitment tools enable anything from automation to analytics to occur on a single platform by increasing the potential of agents.

“The agent portal of MSM Unify launched virtually on August 18, had 1,500 registrants from more than 35 countries. The institution portal will be launched after a month.”
She said the platform will, in the future, offer mobile apps with features for student arrivals, study abroad
starter kits, and premium agent invoicing automation.

“MSM also provides added incentives to its global/in-country office partners in its Global Marketing Office (GMO) model by providing a number of solutions on MSM Unify that are exclusive and completely tailored to their needs. MSM builds global and in-country offices and manages agents on behalf of its partner HEIs.
“Currently, it has supported over 75,000 international students in pursuing their applications to colleges and universities in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe.”