Look bro, forget about that NBA Conference. What did they have to offer you? Have their leadership finished their wahala with EFCC that they will be rubbishing you like that? Mbok, come to the Afang Summit and discuss with credible Nigerians who will understand you better. Shebi even Uncle Abati that wrote that long essay the other day on you and NBA was also on the Afang Summit? So please do not mind those people with black gowns that they have not washed since Lord Lugard did the amalgamation. Mbok, who or what do they think they are?

Many of them na ‘let my people go’ for Law School o and they are now writing letters to stop a whole esteemed estate surveyor and conqueror of COVID-19. Even me sef, I will not speak at that NBA Conference until they sit up and ensure that their stables have been cleaned up. The NBA today is in a crisis of identity having fallen from the utopian heights luminaries like Prince Bola Ajibola took it to. Those days, you didn’t even try to do Law in JAMB, the profession was that respected.

Today, what are we seeing na a collection of debt recovery agents fighting with estate agents all over the place for business. Me, I supported my brother Olu Akpata believing very seriously that the NBA needed an urgent injection of vibrant energy. They remain the last defender of the helpless but today….. make I no talk. My brother, please let me know if you will come to the Afang Summit so we can prepare for you. Thank God it is virtual so we won’t need to get a carpenter to reduce the podium. You are my man, I swear, ask Osa, the bald-headed enfant terrible of The Duke Summit who will be yabbing me anyhow.

Please if you need special adviser for drainage like we have in Lagos, let me recommend Osa for you. He is an expert in that field. Thank you, my brother. Leave NBA, when they get themselves, we will begin to reckon with them again.