Ryan Alford, Growing Brands Through Agency Radical

Ryan Alford

Ryan Alford is a marketing influencer and visionary entrepreneur, who is bent on growing brands globally through his agency Radical, one of the fastest growing full-service digital ad agencies in the Southeast Carolina, US.

He continues to fashion out overriding strategic approaches to bridging the gap for businesses globally with his over 20 years of imposing experience in marketing and advertising working at some of the most prestigious ad agencies in the country.

Through Radical, Ryan is focused on brand creation for clients to be ahead of the pack in the business world.

“Radical is a full-service digital agency built for nimbleness, speed to market, and unmatched capability, he expounded.

Part of techniques Radical is using is leveraging a full stack web development team, in-house video production, and a no-rules creative team we build everything from ecommerce websites to custom B2B experiences.

With these innovative features mapped out for brand boosting, the successful entrepreneur enthused, “Radical was built for today’s client challenges”.

However, Ryan’s experience with leading firms like Hill Holliday and EP & Co stimulated him into building two successful businesses from essentially nothing into full organic growth while steering the wheel of the affairs.

“For more than 20 years in the marketing and ad agency business. I have worked on some of the largest brands and most recognisable ad campaigns in the world, including Verizon, Lexus, BMW, the NFL, Firehouse Subs, among others,” Ryan shares.

For the brand force, he oversaw a $50 million segment of Verizon business working on launches that included the original iPhone launch, the $1 Billion NFL agreement.

Other achievements recorded was the launch of Verizon FIOS, he was in the driver’s seat of one of the most-watched personalities on Facebook in 2018, the “dancing dentist”.

Also known as Dr. C, Ryan, whose videos have been watched over 300 million times worldwide, was ignited by Ryan through a national PR plan.

Besides all this, Ryan also hosts the Radical Marketing podcast, where he shares marketing insights and recommendations.

Interestingly in 2014, Ryan was fundamental in the creation of the brand and marketing for one of the first automotive digital retailing platforms called iDrive On-Demand.

Ryan is also the co-founder of GVL Hustle, founded in 2017 by him and Tyler Harris as a way for two of Greenville’s most successful entrepreneurs to contribute to their community through regular events that provided training and cooperation opportunities to upstate businesses.

After founding the GVL Hustle, its community rapidly evolved into one of the largest networking groups in the northern part of the state, and the #GVLHustle hashtag is now the most extensively used Instagram business hashtag throughout South Carolina, as local businesses publish and share their business growth stories.

Through all his ventures, Ryan wants to make sure to promote positivity while also leaving a lasting impact.

His words, “I want to feel like I have an impact, and I believe that if you have a positive mind, it solves 95 percent of your problems. We are all susceptible to life, but if you live with positivity and gratitude and appreciation, life will be better.”

“Does it mean I’m positive every ounce of the day? No, but I believe in those core principles, and it keeps me going through,” says Ryan.

In the near future, Ryan assures the world that he will continue to lead Radical while being open to speaking opportunities in marketing, branding, digital marketing, social media and e-commerce.