Chris Omoijiade’s ‘Get Ahead’ Addresses Success in Business, Set to hold Digital Training

Chris Omoijiade

Rebecca Ejifoma

Chris Omoijiade is the Chief Executive Officer of The Chris Omoijiade Company, formerly known as Attrium consultants who chronicles success from people in diverse industries in his début book, “Get Ahead”, as he set to hold a digital training this November.

The author noted this in a media release issued on Tuesday where he hinted that the quest of “Get Ahead” is uncompromised success for businesses.

The author said, “I have a hard copy book titled Get Ahead- Practical Steps to face life’s realities and embrace success which is an international hit and we have recorded sales in close to 15 countries.”

Omoijiade has 50 ebooks clasped to his name, and splattered on his website all on personal development, business success to emotional intelligence.

It is in line with his passion for success, development, personal and business mentorship that he has resolved to build bridges to connect people to success with his book Get Ahead.

Published in 2019, Get Ahead is his first official printed book which he describes as the passport of success. It is a voluminous book with 361 pages and 41 chapters that chronicle success. “I can tell you there is no other book like this in on the Nigerian book space”.

Omoijiade, who holds an LL. B degree from the University of Lagos, enthused that the book is his culmination of about four years of research, told in a story-like manner of successful figures from diverse industries, from every generation.

With Get Ahead, Omoijiade takes readers on a roller-coaster ride from movies, religion, business, history to politics all with a goal to enable the reader define success in his or her own terms.

Thanks to his flair for writing and addiction to the pen, he is breaking and setting records. “One, my father who in my early days nudged me towards appreciating all things academic the early seeds of becoming an author were sowed in those days of innocence.”

He said he was ambushed by his books and magazines, a factor responsible for his healthy intellectual exchange.

Indeed, Omoijiade says he writes as a response to a noticeable need to those he coaches mentors, and trains or what he sees in the society, and has helped thousands.

“I have, through my writings, been able to help thousands of individuals and businesses find clarity in areas of business strategy, customer care, productivity, wealth, and emotional intelligence among others.

“Most of these books can be found on our website and they are engineered to ensure you find a solution to much deep rooted obstacles on the path to discovering the best version of yourself or the success of your business.”

“I am motivated to write because of a strong desire to see individuals and businesses succeed. Many are struggling because there is a disconnect between the mental image of what they want of themselves and businesses, vis-a-vis their present reality,” the author enthused.

Omoijiade has got his fingers in every pie only for success. He is astute in value creation, partner in several firms, sits on the Board of Directors in firms across several sectors including Law, Property and Investment, Foreign Exchange, Education, Marketing and Communications, Trading and the Travel and Hospitality Industry. He is a coach, consultant and author and motivational speaker.

As a versatile personality, he has many feathers to his hat. He is a business and personal development consultant, whose work intersects public speaking, innovative consultancy, coaching, mentorship and also an author among others.

On events he has organised, he listed, “We have had hundreds of events over the years, one of the most notable must be the John Maxwell event in 2010.”

Subsequently, Omoijiade has had series of both free public events in the form of conferences and now online in the form of webinars which are held monthly.

In his views, “Target was to raise a new generation of successful individuals and thriving businesses.”

This November, he will be organising a three-day digital training event titled “At the feet of the masters (earn, unlearn and relearn) is a digital class with masters who are individuals that have scaled the heights and experienced success.

It will feature both local and international masters who would raise a new generation of business leaders in Nigeria.

Ultimately, his motivation is to be that bridge people can travel on to connect this two vital points which every man walking the face of the earth, seeks to achieve.