Evercare Hospital Launches Telemedicine Platform in Nigeria

Evercare Hospital Launches Telemedicine Platform in Nigeria

Evercare Group, a leading healthcare delivery platform that operates hospitals, clinics, and diagnostic facilities across Africa and South Asia, is launching its Ecare telemedicine platform.

Evercare Hospital Lekki is purpose built as a state-of-the-art private hospital offering advanced care across a range of specialty medical services.

Ahead of commissioning of the multi-purpose hospital, Evercare is launching its Ecare telemedicine platform. This initiative is in line with the hospital’s vision to provide quality and accessible healthcare services, harnessing technology to accelerate healthcare delivery in the country.

On the launch of the Ecare telemedicine platform, the Chief Medical Officer, Evercare Hospital Lekki, Dr. Ayo Shonibare said, “We are living in unprecedented times where patients avoid physical consultations in hospitals, and rather prefer virtual interactions with clinicians, with remote care and monitoring, from the comfort of their homes”.

He continued that it had become important for the healthcare industry to reach out to their patients and introduce them to an all-new way of consulting with their clinicians.

Shonibare said, “On this premise, we have launched the telemedicine platform, Ecare, to help fill the gap by providing you the ability to consult remotely and also give you the satisfaction of having the Clinician interact with you face to face.”

Speaking further, the CMO hinted that Evercare exists to serve growth markets like Nigeria that need access to quality, comprehensive care that seeks to improve patient outcomes while reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

“As we seek to improve health outcomes for patients, we will provide the expertise and resources required to strengthen our model and drive enhanced multidisciplinary care delivery system,” he mentioned.

According to him, they aim to strengthen the healthcare infrastructure by providing premium care via our state-of-the-art facility and enhanced patient experience.

The Ecare platform offers tele and video consultations with general practitioners and specialist doctors in various fields of medicine.

Shonibare emphasised that the platform brings about a change in the outpatient consultation model as it allows clinicians to reach out to their patients remotely via a video conferencing model to be able to address their healthcare needs.

It gives the patient the confidence, he said, of being able to have access to their Clinician in their time of need.

The platform, he said, has a two-way add on feature that allows the patient to invite a friend or family member on the consultation and at the same time permits the clinician to invite a colleague in case of a multi-disciplinary or complicated consultation.

Other features of the facility is that it provides the flexibility of choosing the specialty or specialist and the preferred appointment time.

“It is modeled in such a way that it costs less than a physical visit, and therefore gives better value for patients as it allows for continuity of care,” the CMO expressed.

It is particularly advantageous to the elderly who face mobility challenges. With this platform, patients will be receiving prompt care from the comfort of their homes.

Ecare’s telemedicine platform will be embedded into Evercare’s website which integrates collaborative communication seamlessly, enabling efficient and more convenient models of service delivery.

This allows patients to schedule appointments, process payments, manage existing Doctors, and access Ecare services via mobile and desktops with no installation or app download required.

The hospital argued that the platform is completely end-to-end encrypted, meaning patient’s information cannot be accessed by any intermediaries, ensuring a private and secure experience for Evercare’s patients.

Ecare will offer specialty services such as Family Medicine, Neurology, Nephrology, Neonatology, Pediatrics, Urology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Radiology, Neurosurgery, Pediatric Surgery, and General Surgery.

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