Princess (Dr.) Vicky Haastrup’s Heart of Thanksgiving at 60

Vicky Haastrup

Princess (Dr.) Vicky Haastrup, wife of Chief Adesuyi Haastrup, a former Osun State Deputy Governor, is an epitome of beauty and brains.

Today, she is one of the top players in the oil and gas sector and her exciting journey would certainly inspire anyone who wants to succeed in the industry.

She is often described as a restless soul, who is constantly driven by the ambition to rule her world.
As far as she is concerned, opportunities abound everywhere, except for those who have set some limitations for themselves.

Apart from oil and gas, she is also making waves in the maritime industry, though not many people gave her any chance of survival when she started.

But with the courage and boldness of a lioness, the Chairman, Seaport Terminal Operators Association of Nigeria, confronted the challenge of running one of the most strategic terminals at the Lagos Port Complex Apapa in a male-dominated milieu.

Interestingly, in a society where many successful women have reportedly allowed fame, success and sometimes stardom go to their heads, she recognizes that only God is the unseen hand behind her success story; and she submits absolutely to His will.Of course, she also recognises that hard work pays, so she loathes laziness.

In spite of her very engaging daily schedule, she worships God as would be expected of a grateful soul.
A devout Christian, she spends her spare time in total worship of God.

According to sources, the woman who is said to live a disciplined lifestyle doesn’t make any move or take any step without seeking divine guidance.

Indeed, her armour against failure is ceaseless prayers. And many of her friends are always amazed at her humility and her total dependence on God in the most critical decisions of her life.

Little wonder, when she clocked 60 last Sunday, the day was dedicated to praise and worship her Creator at her home.

But for the restriction on social gathering occasioned by the pandemic ravaging the globe, a good number of her close friends and families would have loved to celebrate and share in her joy of hitting the diamond age.