Amazing Lifestyle of Val Ugbeide


From whatever angle you look at it, some people just have it good. Good family, heart, good looks, good money—how many people in present Nigeria can lay claim to all these? All the more reason for the distinction of Val Ugbeide.

Val Ugbeide is a name that rings like a glass clink in the ears of most. Because he leads a private life, only those with eyes perpetually peeled open to observe high society know him. To these folks, Val Ugbeide is an oil mogul with a rumbling momentum, and one of the youngest millionaires with business interests in Port Harcourt. This is true but falls short of the whole truth.

Ugbeide is the brains and administrative brawn behind Gremore, a firm of international renown with stakes in offshore engineering, procurement, the whole works. Operating out of Lagos and Port Harcourt, Ugbeide’s Gremore is one of the leading indigenous companies capable of making significant contributions to the Nigerian energy sector. That is the corporate Val Ugbeide.

On a more personal basis, Ugbeide’s power derives from his small family, with the beautiful Linda Ugbeide as his eternal love interest and wife. Although Val is something of a closet fashion stylist himself, it is obvious that Linda is behind the fashionista, style-sensitive Val Ugbeide—in other words, na Linda dey help Val fine.

Val Ugbeide is also a passionate and practicing Christian. This is one of his core identities and pillars of strength. His local Church, the House on the Rock, is shepherded by one of Nigeria’s wealthiest and most dynamic pastors, Pastor Paul Adefarasin. It is said, in fact, that Ugbeide is one of the most committed members of Adefarasin’s congregation, and so House on the Rock is a second home for him.

On Ugbeide’s commitment to his Church, when world-renowned Pastor TD Jakes came to Nigeria, it was Ugbeide’s Rolls Royce that was reportedly used to show him around. In many things, Val Ugbeide has it super good. A fine wife, several luxurious houses and cars, a growing business, and an awesome relationship with his pastor, what’s not to like about the life of Val Ugbeide?