Markanthony Opurum: How Government can make Nigeria’s Business Better

Chibueze Opurum

Among the solutions that governments need to provide to make the Nigerian economy business-friendly, provision of basic infrastructure has been identified as a top priority. This submission was made recently by Markanthony Chibueze Opurum, chairman of Murupo Group, a serial entrepreneur with over four businesses operating in Nigeria and the United States of America.

According to Opurum popularly known as Ogologo Tallest: “If the country has a steady supply of power, more people will be empowered and their productivity will be boosted; in turn, cost of production within the country will become lower, and any manufacturing venture can be cost-effective.”

Continuing he said: “And with an effective transport system, labour as a factor of production will be better organised as people can choose to live in one city and work in another city. A good road network will make the movement of goods and raw materials across the country very easy.”

He went further, saying: “Once the basic infrastructure is in place, you will be surprised at how the country’s GDP would improve and the benefit will be immediate as it becomes easier to attract more investments into the country.”

Ogologo Tallest, avowed that the Nigerian business environment holds a lot of prospects.
“I see growth and development in this business environment,” avowed the international businessman. “While challenges will always exist, there is also room for development within the economy; and if, as a businessman, you do not give up, you will always find a way to thrive and grow your business in Nigeria.”

He went on to give a word of encouragement to young entrepreneurs in the country. “No matter the hurdles before you, do not stop believing in your dream; secondly, continue to believe in yourself and, thirdly, at all time, be Godly in everything you do,” he enthused.