Ebby Cassidy, A Seasoned Beauty Entrepreneur

Ebby Cassidy
Agbogbo Cassidy Ebakole, popularly called Ebby Cassidy, is the Founder of Ebby Outfits, Ebby Hair, and EbbysGlow Skincare – a fast growing online luxury business. She is a seasoned entrepreneur, whose resilience has put her ahead of the pack in the game of beauty and skincare. In this interview with REBECCA EJIFOMA she talks about passion, and reasons other women should become entrepreneurs
A brief about Ebby Cassidy
I am a brand influencer to some brands online. I hail from Esan, Edo State but I was born and bred in Delta State.
I am the second to the last child of seven children. As a child, I had always loved to be an entrepreneur. I started achieving that dream in 2014 when I began my clothing business which has been a great move for me.
Could you please enlighten us about your business/brand?
Ebby’s brand is into clothing, hair, and skincare products.
Ebby Outfits have to do with all kinds of luxury and fashionable female wears/accessories for all kinds of occasions while Ebby Hair has to do with sales of luxury and quality raw virgin hairs.
EbbysGlow Skincare deals in handmade natural products for flawless and radiant skin. Our products are well known for the good results they give to our clients. They help to rejuvenate the skin, repair damaged skin and give our clients their skin confidence.
What informed your choice of entrepreneurship?
I have always wished to become an entrepreneur as a child and that is because I never wanted to be a burden to my parents. I always wanted to sort my personal bill myself.
I always loved to associate with people and doing business is one of the best ways to meet and know a lot of people.
What would you say motivates you to do what you do now?
What really motivates me to do more in my line of business is the positive feedback I get from my clients and also, the benefits I get from every transaction I make.
The referrals I get daily from my clients really spur me to do more. And knowing full well that thousands of people appreciate my handwork is really a plus for me.
What do you find most challenging as an entrepreneur?
Time management is what I find challenging. Travelling to get goods for the shop and production of skincare products really takes a whole lot of time, making it difficult to have time for my personal activities.
What is the best and worst thing that happened since you started your brand?
My brand recognition is the best thing that has happened to me as an entrepreneur. It is simply amazing to know that thousands of people have heard about my brand.
The worst thing that has happened is being stressed always and having to be on numerous calls all day.
If you did not start Ebby’s brand, what would you be doing?
I would probably be a banker.
What advice do you have for other entrepreneurs, female especially?
Every female entrepreneur needs to work hard and be positive about whatever they do. Truly, hard work pays. No female should ever feel so comfortable relying on someone to pay her bills. Self-employment is one of the keys to self-respect.
What do you do when you are not working?
I’m either watching movies or playing around on social media to see the latest updates.
What should we expect from you in the next five years?
In the next five years, I see a better version of me. I see myself known all over the world, achieving more goals and making my brand the cream of the crop.