Steve Chuks: The Role Women Play in My Brand

Steve Chuks

Although, he may acknowledge the likes of Genevieve Nnaji and Leonardo Di Caprio as his role models in entertainment, it is ultimately the female folk of his family that motivate and encourage him to become the rave-of-the-moment comedian that Steve Chuks is today.

As he recently admitted, his grandmother, mother, two sisters and female relative play a big role in his emergence and evolution as a comedian.
He is notable for playing two female characters, Madam Gold and Cleopatra, the former, a character inspired by his granny. “After the death of my father, we went to live with my grandmother for a year, and I was strongly impressed by the way she handled all the prayer nights, morning devotions and religious activities that we had with her. So, all the traits of Igbo woman women that I feature in my skits were derived from her. And presently, she lives with us. She usually laughs when she sees my video. She continues to help me in portraying the character by teaching me some rare Igbo words that are understood by a few people.”

As for his mum and two sisters, he described them as his brand manager and cheerleaders respectively. “When I started my skits, my mother was very supportive,” he said. “Now, she helps me pick the right clothes, what to wear, how to wear them to shoot my skits. The female clothes I wear belong to my sisters and my mum. I don’t have to buy the clothes for my skits. And any ideas I have about a skit, I share with her and my sisters.”

Steve Chuks also mentioned the role of a lady who features regularly in his skits. Affirming that “she is related to me through my mother,” he explained how she got her first starring role in his skit: “I didn’t know she was talented, because naturally, she has a quiet character until the day someone provoked her and she seamlessly switched to another character quickly and got the better of the other person whom we all knew as a difficult character. I have been featuring her in my skits since then.”