BAN Preaches Peace, Calls on Politicians to Practice What They Preach


Sunday Okobi

A Nigerian socio-cultural group with a wide spread across the world, Brothers Across Nigeria (BAN), has called on politicians and political leaders in the country to practice what they preach at all times, as well as always involve in adventure that would usher in peace and unity in the country.

Speaking at the 13 edition of the Prof Bolaji Carew Memorial Lecture via zoom, the group President , Dr Lewis Atuife, specifically called on the people and electorate of Edo State to shun thuggery and observe the standard COVID-19 protocols in the political campaigns towards the September 19 governorship election in the state.

He called on the Edo State chapter of the group to commence serious sensitization of all forms in the state to guide the masses against falling prey to the machinations of fake politicians who don’t have the interest of the people and country at heart.

Speaking on structural racism at the global level, the guest speaker at the memorial lecture, Mr Femi Osibanjo, pointed out that BAN has always been against structural racism , tribalism and nepotism, adding that it’s all about unity, humanity, peace and dignity.

Osibanjo said the group was the only one in the world were members are not recognized or tied to any ethnicity or colour, adding that “this is because the first rite performed on entry is dropping of your name for a new name which is free of tribal or racial inclination.”

He explained that this was the first baptism that happens to a member. The concept of BAN and Brothers across nations is the melting of all of humanity into one pot of oneness. He reasoned that “humans are funny, and try to create unnecessary differences rather than looking out for things that make them one. Ironically, humans only become one at death when they all move to one place, which is beneath the earth.“

The guest speaker challenged global leaders to speak out against structural racism and create a level playing ground for all citizens irrespective of colour, tribe, class and any other differences just the way it is done in Brothers Across Nigeria.

On his part, the lecture moderator , Mr Ken Agala,talked about the ideals which Dr Bolaji Carew stood for. He told journalists that the Carew Memorial lectures is an annual event which brings in various speakers from

across the globe to participate in discussion on contemporary issues and also being a moral compass for humanity.

“Brothers across Nigeria is a group that rises above ethnic, tribal and religious sentiments to forge a brotherhood of being one,” Agala stated.