“Dissecting Adeola Adeyemi, A Vixen cum Beauty Entrepreneur”


Former Video Vixen, and President and Founder of Beauty by AD, a fast growing Cosmetics Company, Adeola Adeyemi, in this interview with Sunday Ehigiator, asserts on her background, passion, career transitioning, and other aspirations amongst others.

Who is Adeola Adeyemi?

I am a Nigerian born and raised in Lagos State. I was born to a Yoruba father and an Igbo mother.

I had my elementary schooling and secondary education in Lagos, Nigeria. I had my Bachelor in Arts at Sikkim Manipal University, Accra, Ghana.

I am blessed with an adorable daughter, Akorede.

And I would describe myself as a serial entrepreneur.

Why do you consider yourself so?

Well, I’ll say, my passion for entrepreneurship made me venture into fashion and beauty modeling as a teenager.

Also, I used to be a video vixen before I fueled my passion for everything beauty and then, also showed interest in makeup artistry. I eventually trained in makeup artistry at MUD.

I am so a brand influencer, and a producer. My beauty brand was launched in 2016.

As you already aware, I am the President and Founder of Beauty by AD. The company produces an expanding variety of luxurious and unique beauty products to suit and boost every woman’s confidence.

Hence, considering several businesses I have tried my hands on, and can do so well, I’m best described as a serial entrepreneur.

Considering your experience so far, how do you see entrepreneurship in Nigeria?

My view about entrepreneurship in Nigeria is a tricky one . With the right amount of social media exposure, your business could be a success but on the other hand we have things like our economic factors in Nigeria stunting the growth of business.

Foreign currency exchange rates, inconsistent power supply, logistics issues etc, are seriously affecting the growth of entrepreneurs in Nigeria, especially small business owners.

On the positive side, Nigerian business owners are very resilient and hardworking, so despite all these obstacles we still flourish.

You said you also a brand influencer, tell me more about it?

Yes I am. As a brand influencer, I have worked with reputable brands like Payporte in the past and presently working with other reputable brands like Bodied by Maryann, Luscious by Lisa, Total Wrap, Shona House of Beauty, Veelocks, Kwinrach Beauty Shop, Dream Hair World etc. just to name a few .

How well would you say your business have impacted Nigerians so far?

Well, I so believe I have been able to affect Nigerians and it’s business space positively in so many ways, even in the little time I have being around.

By God’s grace, I have trained several people, and helped them ventured into the makeup production business.

The sky is big enough for all of us to flourish and I am proud to be an inspiration for the newbies.

Also all brands I have worked with in the past and even currently, can testify to the positive influence over thier brands, as their companies has recorded more sales over time.

Not to mention what we contribute to the country’s economy through direct and indirect taxes.

But the greatest joy for me is being able to bring up more entrepreneur and groom them to blossom. That for me is my greatest influence.

What should we be expecting from you in five years time?

Five years from now, we should have been able to attract more growth. Our business should be fully established in different parts of the world.

Beauty by AD products should be on shelves in giant beauty retailers like Sephora , Macy’s an co all around the world.

The major goal right now is getting the brand on global stage. Hopefully in five years, you would see us there.