Kinsolo, Pharmacist-turned-Musician Breaks into the Nigerian Music Scene

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An emerging music star, Kinsolo (born Ezechukwu Emmanuel) from Imo State has released another hit track titled “Kolombi.” The Afro-Pop star stated this when he met recently with entertainment reporters in Lekki. He had previously released “Kinsolo 1” EP in June 2019 and “Kinsolo 2” EP in March 2020. In both EPs, he creates folklore about the adventures of a young king named Kinsolo. The music chronicles the journey of Kinsolo as he rules over his kingdom, which he calls Grooveland. He has many adventures, meets many women, falls in love many times and fights many battles. Grooveland is a land of treasures flowing with milk and honey. It is also the name of his forthcoming album.

Kinsolo is a pharmacy graduate from University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He began releasing music while in pharmacy school, and started pursuing a music career full-time upon graduation. “Graduation wasn’t easy to come by,” he reveals. “I had to combine shows in Lagos with lectures and tests in Enugu, and it wasn’t an easy task at all. Most times I would have shows in Lagos on Friday and Saturday and tests on the following Monday and Tuesday. After a show I would head back to the hotel room, open up my class notes, and try to get in some revision before the next show. And I was studying Pharmacy! Ask any pharmacy student or anybody that knows a pharmacy student what Pharmacy school is like. Thank God I scaled through in the end.”

Speaking on his newly released single, Kinsolo explains that “Kolombi” is a story of a girl who is battling with self-confidence and self-love after being treated wrongly in the past by many previous lovers. In the song, he reassures her that she has met a man who will finally treat her right. He connects with soft melodies on a banging beat, proving himself a continuously developing act since his days performing as “Mars” in a duo called Mars and Barzini.

He stated that he is inspired by many musicians such as Fela, Oliver De Coque, Wizkid, Drake and Bright Chimezie, among others. He said that his fans call him Kinsolo, “The Drummer Boy” because of his sound. He maintained that when you encounter him and his music, he builds a relationship with you.

Speaking on finding space in the Nigerian scene, he believes it is possible because of the kind of music he makes. “The moment the music connects with the fans, it sticks and leaves a lasting legacy in their minds,” he added.
“I have toured over 12 cities in Nigeria including some in the USA and the reception is quite inspiring. The most important thing is be patient and do the right thing while making art that resonates with the people. If others like Tubaba can make it and stay in the limelight for long, why not me?”

Kinsolo also believes that pirating in Nigeria is gradually dying as people continue to flock towards streaming services like Audiomack, Boomplay and Apple Music. He mentions working with the old guard of Alaba. “I have an understanding with some of my connects in Alaba, so if you see my music there, best believe I’m making money off that too. Alaba has been here before these streaming services, and they have a dedicated audience like the barber shops, malls and kiosks. You have to carry that audience along as well.”