The Triumph and Grace of Olayinka Adedayo at 70

Olayinka Pamela Adebay

The month of July is renowned for being the birth month of many superstars and legends. In Nigeria, one of such folks—who happens to be both superstar and legend—is Mrs. Olayinka Pamela Adebayo, founder and backbone of the illustrious Tastee Fried Chicken enterprise. She celebrated her 70th Birthday a few days ago, and won herself a renewed welcome in the hearts of her many friends and pool of loyal customers.

70 years and still on top of her game, Olayinka Adedayo could not have hidden herself away even if she wanted to. Trumpets would have blared and drums rolled, were it not for the constraint placed on parties by the Covid-19 Presidential Task Force. As a result, the family and friends of Adedayo had to resolve themselves to a church reception, after the celebrant herself insisted on a private church thanksgiving service.

It wouldn’t have been too much if every food-retailing outlet in Nigeria gave away well-packaged food on Madam Olayinka Adebayo’s Birthday. It could be said that she is the progenitor of the current model of food business (and small chops in Nigeria).

Who isn’t familiar with the Tastee Fried Chicken (TFC) enterprise in Nigeria? This is an indigenous catering company that is reportedly represented in over a dozen different locations in Nigeria. At the moment, no other indigenous franchise has been able to replicate the synergy and unity of operations of TFC’s various units (which are fast food services, outdoor catering, food delivery services, bread and cake production, and hall rentals).

TFC is a brand that Olayinka Adebayo almost single-handedly established in 1996. Although she reportedly applied the basics of fast food service as she learnt them from working as a manager in the American Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), TFC’s current business framework sprang from her Tastee Pot franchise. Adebayo had established this earlier form of TFC in 1989, intending to render outdoor catering services to distinguished and discerning clientele across Nigeria. Who knew that she’d succeed and even become a principality in the fast food industry?

At 70, Madam Olayinka Adebayo lives as a phoenix among birds, who has everything going for her. She remains married to her childhood sweetheart, Kunle Adedayo, and they are blessed . A life like this engenders gratitude, and that is what Mrs. Olayinka Pamela Adebayo renders to her God.