Secondus: Nigeria Has No Direction under Buhari

Prince Uche Secondus

Okon Bassey in Uyo

The National Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Mr. Uche Secondus yesterday lamented Nigeria’s descent into intractable crises under the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari saying Nigeria “is a country without direction under his administration.”

Secondus said that only divine intervention could save the country from the path of multi-level crises and institutional decay the Buhari administration had plunged Nigeria into under five years.

He expressed this concern at the inauguration of a newly built 1,000 sitting capacity secretariat of Akwa Ibom PDP, asserting that Nigeria “is without direction and needs God’s intervention.”

Secondus, who unveiled the secretariat alongside the state governor, Mr. Emmanuel Udom, among others, said Nigeria today “needs leaders who will be truthful, honest and trusted and by the grace of God you are one of them.”

He said the main opposition party had shown clearly that it has the best governors because of the roll call of achievements and that the country could confirm what they have seen.

Faulting the Buhari administration, Secondus said: “Without good leadership, you cannot have this secretariat. Our country needs a lot of prayers. A country with no direction, without a captain, we need a lot of prayers. You all know what we are going through.

“We need God’s intervention. We are happy and grateful to the leadership of Akwa Ibom for providing an edifice that will be ranking with, I don’t know the party, is it the other party?

“What we must emphasise today is to build institutions. What we must do in this country is to groom young people that will become leaders to take over the leadership. Akwa Ibom has done well in that regard.

“PDP is becoming stronger and stronger everyday. We have recovered ourselves. Anyone from any part of the country can aspire to become anything and realise their dreams in PDP. Akwa Ibom is a state where every other state should follow,” he stated.

He, therefore, commended the Udom administration, attributing the completion of the PDP state secretariat to his efforts, describing it as competition with the national secretariat.

“When you show leadership by example and your followers show faith in their leaders, that means the leader has done well. I can see you are a leader that has shown leadership and your followers are following you with curiosity, and they have seen the works you have shown in Akwa Ibom State”, he added.

Also at the inauguration, Emmanuel said the party members were looking up to the PDP at the national level to take over governance of the country.

He said the secretariat was completed with 100 percent direct labour, adding that the outgoing state PDP Chairman, Mr Paul Ekpo has achieved his purpose through the completion of the secretariat.

He said it would have been unfair if the PDP did not have the secretariat in the state since it has been the only party that has moved the state forward, saying the Akan Offot-Aka Etinan road with side drains was constructed to create access to the secretariat.

“The party is still waxing stronger. Obong Paul Ekpo has achieved his purpose, God sent him. We have experienced unity under his watch. PDP can only get stronger. It would have been unfair if PDP did not put up something like this in Akwa Ibom.

In his remarks, the PDP State Chairman, Obong Paul Ekpo commended Emmanuel for mobilising financial support for the completion of the state secretariat.

He said: “the governor had promised that I will present this edifice for inauguration as chairman of the party and today here we are – at a great cost to his personal finance, energy and time.

“He engaged his friends from within and outside the state who either donated money, material or services deployed to the completion of this beautiful edifice”.