Mamman Daura – The Adviser-in-Chief


In my haze, I have not been really following happenings. But this one caught my attention small. In the wake of all the noise, this daddy has come out to say that he only ‘advises’ and does not wake up, brush his teeth and wear babaringa without underwear and go to the Villa to be giving instructions. I even read that he went as far as explaining to us the complex fraternal relationship between himself and our President tying it to their mother or something like that.

Mbok, there is nothing wrong with giving or receiving advice o. We all give and take o. The other morning, my brother Mudi drove all the way from his house for Dolphin Estate come give me advice for Magodo. After he finish, he come chop two plates of afang. He was talking about togetherness after the storm that just hit me.

When he finish, he say he regret giving me the advice because he didn’t feel it sat well with me. I laugh, I say bro eat afang abeg. Na your right to advise me as a friend. But I must get the capacity to look the advice critically and decide if the thing make sense or not. The same for uncle. He can give advice and he has been giving plenty even by his reported admission, it is now up to Baba to decide what he wants to do with all the advice. If Baba allow uncle that we did not vote for to be putting pressure on him under the guise of advice to be doing funny things, na him own legacy he dey joke with.

When the history books are going to be written, nobody will write about Mamman Daura’s tenure in the Presidency because that never happened but it will be Muhammadu Buhari’s tenure because that is who we voted for. So let them keep giving the advice and taking the advice, na them business. Me, I get the third mainland bridge lockdown to contend with. Thank you.