Flies are on the noses of the good people of Kaduna State but they never rise to the flies. They claim not to do evil but are not forces for good in Kaduna.

The Auschwitz type of deathlike exhibitions has gone on for too long in Kaduna and I am forced to conclude that there are no good people from the place where these killers of the people of Southern Kaduna are recruited from. Surely, they are recruited by people that some good people know about.

These good people must have heard something and seen something enough to report to the security agencies but they refuse to do so. Fraidy-cats! They probably gloat in the deaths of the people of Southern Kaduna, on religious basis.

I am also forced to conclude that there are no good people in the security outfits in Kaduna. I cannot understand why these good men, if there are, have never stood up to the bad people recruiting people to kill the people of Southern Kaduna. Bad people gather together for months to plan evil, for acts of vengeance. Where then are the good people in the Directorate of State Services? Shouldn’t the NIA also help in stopping chaotic disorders? Why do security chiefs only rush service men to places only when people have died? Restoring peace should be done before and not after people have been brutally murdered.

I am forced to conclude that there are no good people in political offices in Kaduna State. How come they move about as though everything is all right? Do they know the place of resignation of political positions for gross ineptitude? Why are they so attached to governmental positions without action?

I am forced to conclude that there are many cowards in Southern Kaduna than there are heroes. Why aren’t we seeing protest movement to government house by good people, demanding the resignation of the incumbent for not being able to protect lives and property that he swore an oath to protect? Caveat: the protest movement must be in company of armed soldiers so they are not ambushed and killed the way they were killed during the peaceful protest movement over the planned introduction of the political version of Sharia in a cosmopolitan state. Recall, that these murders led to the Sharia crisis that changed Kaduna State for the worse and forever.

The people of Southern Kaduna voted overwhelmingly for the APC government but all they get is deathly racket which the government cannot help bring to an end. In government offices, majority of the people only get second-rated appointments such as cleaning services and gardening, errand men and women, while people of other stock sit in air-conditioned offices not by competence but by accident of birth and religion.

The military government helped in cementing the problems of the people of Southern Kaduna. The self-styled military president thought Katsina a thorn on the flesh of Kaduna and created state of Katsina instead of one for the people of Southern Kaduna. That arrangement has failed and will repeatedly fail with the absence of good people especially from the other side who have failed to report acts of malevolence against the people of Southern Kaduna. The people of Southern Kaduna need a state by special act of parliament to manage their own affairs.

Injustice the world over lies in what people are not doing, there is nothing like a passive onlooker.

Passive onlookers in German society allowed Hitler to murder Jews in droves.

Passive onlookers in Kaduna allow screwballs to the type like Hitler to put Kaduna on the map as an unfriendly state and a state where life counts for nothing and can be stolen with excitement.

I remember the old line: “all evil needs to prevail is for good men to do nothing.”

Simon Abah, Abuja