Major B Drops New Banger Single, MIA


Rebecca Ejifoma

The Nigerian music industry experienced an impressive facelift last year thanks to talented and versatile artistes like Obojiagbe Boston Francis, whose new banger single, MIA, demonstrates his course for undiluted love.

Obojiagbe, popularly known as Major B, is using MIA to break the silence of his heart-melting experience to ladies to stick to their unflagging partners when the wind billows.

He shares a pointer on his new song: “My latest hit, MIA, is an emotional dancehall song I penned. It is about being in life without a dime to your name, and every turns his or her back on you.”

For Major B, he subscribes to the saying that, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Hence, ladies shouldn’t jettison their partners because he is financially strapped.

“My song is evangelising to ladies who would deny their men when the wind rocks their boats. It is not ideal to begin to feign familiarity when the man has become a celebrity”, he says.

The RnB singer trumps patience as a spice ideal for every relationship through his latest hit, MIA.

Major B has a perfect romance with Reggae, Afro beats, RnB, Highlife, Hiphop and Jazz. Since he made his debut in the entertainment scene last year with “Idgaf”, and “Soke”, he has not slowed down.

His interest lies in the audience, creating a perfect escape for music lovers with pleasant sounds. “I create heartwarming sounds for everyone to relate with”.

Reacting to the Nigerian economy as an upcoming singer, the tuneful singer expounds, “I must confess, it hasn’t been easy. The economy of this great nation is not palatable at the moment but it has not stopped me from showcasing my talent to the world. The massive love shown to me has been amazing.”

“While growing up as a kid, listening to soulful music inspired me a lot. Artistes using their voices as a tool to preach love really spurred me and continues till this moment.”

He enjoys the likes of Bob Marley, Damian Marley, Burna boy.

This year, Major B’s musical career is in full swing. He plans to drop more melodic songs after MIA. “My fans should always expect new songs. I will keep preaching love”.

His saving grace as a fast-rising artiste is consistency. “The Nigeria music industry has really produced a handful of talents. Nigeria is endowed. As an upcoming artiste, with hard work and consistency, I believe we will get to our peak”.