Magu – Hope Not a Media Circus

Ibrahim Magu

As I wrote this I had mixed feelings. I am hearing that Humpty Dumpty has just been released on bail. That is his constitutional right and I am happy. But then again, the man ran his show without any regard as I hear of little things like processes including bail and that kind thing. Now my fear is that with all that gra-gra from suspension to detention, to the media circus, we would now not be left with a basket to fetch water. His release is doing me one kind in my body.

For the first time in my life, I had small hope in this administration’s quest for the right thing. I really do hope that this release would not end in what we used to call in Shomolu – ‘na me, na me’ situation. Where, at the end of the day, it was just a misunderstanding between brothers.

The allegations are heavy and go directly to the root of corruption in the country. If this is dealt in a na me, na me manner, then a final nail has been put in our national coffin. This Magu thing is a cesspit, reeking of the putrid odour of shame. Risking convicting him before his trial, I would say that this is the mother of all scandals since I was born in Shomolu in 1969. Looting and re-looting, money laundering, insubordination, all putting pressure on the structures and institutions of government leading to infighting amongst government contending structures.

Humpty Dumpty just went gaga, carried away with power if we are to believe all these stories and be jumping around with midgets in red jackets causing terror and fear, doing all but what they were sent to do. What kind of anti-corruption czar was this one? Didn’t they do a background profiling check before they selected him or was he put there for a purpose? These are the kind of things that just make person tire for this country. If not cos of age, yellow women and coronavirus, I would have also gone to Canada and go and sit down there.

Abeg, Mr. Buhari whatever you are doing – sleeping, using a toothpick, engaging in the other room or generally just sitting down there and be watching wrestling, please wake up and don’t let this one go abeg. Deal with this one decisively. Thank you.