Tecno Mobile Unveils Spark 5


Ugo Aliogo

TECNO mobile has launched its latest phone, Spark 5. The phone comes in distinct, bursting colours of Ice emerald, Burnt Orange and Holiday Blue. These colours are so uniquely different and stunning that they automatically set the user up as a trendy person.

A statement made available to THISDAY by the Public Relations Manager, TECNO mobile global office, Rosemond Palouki, says Spark 5 has a 6.6 inches HD+ Dot in screen with super immersive display. The screen has a 90.2% perfect screen ratio, and is 164.7*76.3*8.75mm in size with 720*1600 HD+ resolutions.

The statement said: “Everything has gone digital now. This is especially so for entrepreneurs. You really do not need to meet with prospective clients or buyers before they can see the service you offer or the wares you sell. With Spark 5, you can dismiss any hurdles you have been facing and get attractive pictures out to anyone. Spark 5 has five cameras that afford you so much more angles to work such that your pictures stand out among a myriad of pictures effortlessly.

“TECNO has ensured that Spark 5 came with 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM to save more beautiful memories and have a faultless and hassle-free experience no matter how the number of apps running at a time. Spark 5 also has a whopping 5000Mah battery to carry you through hours of entertainment be it movies or games.

“Spark 5 exceeds every mobile camera expectation. To start with, the phone comes with not one, not two, not even three but five cameras. As if that isn’t unbelievable as it is, the phone also has 6 flashlights. With the five cameras, you have so many angles to shoot from. With the flashlights, you would have clearer, brighter and more charming pictures with bursting colours no matter how dark the environment is. The camera also has macro mode that enlarges even the smallest details. The Spark 5 smartphones are efficient, sleek, durable all at a chocolatie-finger-licking price of ₦49,000.

“The phone has a design that breaks every smartphone design table. The phone comes in Holiday blue, Burnt Orange and Ice emerald. These colours alone set the phone in a class of its own. At 164.7*76.3*8.75mm, the phone is very slim and slick and would perfectly fit in the palms of your hand. And the 6.6 Dot in screen has super Immersive Display.”