The desperation of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and their Lagos-Ibadan cohorts to open their churches and exponentially spread this virus is totally worrisome. Shebi we are still in 30,000 and they want to help drive it to 100,000 because of tithe? Abi what else will be driving this almost childish call for their reopening? Even the bible says, where two or three are gathered – can’t they just gather in twos and threes and let’s live. The other day, while I was at the Nook to get my takeaway lunch in Alausa, that is how one very prominent archbishop came in.

I will not call his name, he is a big one as big as the other ones o. He was wearing one long faded gold chain with the biggest cross that I have ever seen on his chest. He gleefully walked up to me to announce that he was a pastor and immediately asked about my thoughts on the continuous closure of their ‘businesses’. I said I was in support and he retorted with the kind thing they tell their humble followers – I don’t want to use the word gullible because my mama dey among them: ‘Don’t you know that when the churches open, collective prayers will wipe out this virus? I just say, ‘Daddy let me pay for your food.’ I needed to leave the place before I slap am enter prison.

He did not stop at that o – ‘if the markets are opened, why we can’t open… I just say sir, it’s true and walked away without buying the food again. When I got home, I went to the sites of one of these churches to watch a so-called miracle service and just saw what will happen if and when the churches are opened without the curve flattening. Holy water replacing face masks? Please, my dear governor, abeg no matter the pressure, the Schools and churches must remain closed. Thanks sir.