Ray Hushpuppi

Since the internationally-covered arrest of this ‘mega star’, I have not been able to comment. I just weak as they say it in Shomolu. This guy is alleged to scam over a million people? They are also claiming that he even tried to scam a premiership club? This is lion heart, I tell you. Nothing must happen to him o. He must tell his story in movies and books.

The amazing thing was the way he lived his life on the net. He even almost tried to claim a platform as an inspiring and motivational figure to not only the youth but to pot-bellied political leaders who should have known better but instead carried their baldheads to his Dubai mansion to swig choice drinks and have photo ops after which they would come back and be singing rubbish songs all over social media.

This boy try o. He even was throwing everything in our faces on social media like he was earning legitimate money. He lived the kind of life that Dangote himself will not dare to live. This Hush whatever he called himself is a study in crass stupidity – pardon me. I have not seen in this world. Since his arrest, I have gone back to his various social media accounts and still remain very bewildered at the brazen nature with which he displayed his ill-gotten wealth. Did he ever think that a day of reckoning will not ever come? This is the biggest mumu of all time. The mother of all mumus. No pity here bro.