Festus Keyamo – Calm Down

Festus Keyamo


My brother, this no be activism o, this na real life politics where real men play. No be gra gra and be speaking big big English and be quoting Constitution as one of the senators talk. You need a high dose of emotional intelligence in making your task a success.

That thing I saw the other day plus your follow up parley with the media just make me shake my head. You will FAIL if you continue with this attitude. First you may be totally and legally right but stamping the table and be doing ‘I no go gree’ to elected representatives of the people smirk of arrogance. You are my brother and friend and I must tell you the truth. Yes, you did not abuse them or use harsh words but that your attitude on that video that I saw was utterly out of order and disrespectful to the Nigerian people who voted them in no matter what they now stand for or no matter how they have dropped themselves in the public view.

My brother, you for follow them go the ‘secret’ meeting, record the thing and come out and release the video. You must understand that politics is compromise, negotiation and finding a middle ground, attempting to throw the executive into a frontal confrontation with the legislature because of your ‘stubbornness’ no go good na. Again, do you really blame them with the things your so-called Ogas have been doing with ‘lopsided’ appointments triggering a N50b law suit you now think the senators will be looking at you as you carry 774,000 jobs to mallams or to the same invisible people who have received the so-called ‘palliatives’ and the million children who have been fed wey I never even see one pikin out of them for Shomolu? Abi you no remember what Diya tell IBB after he annul June 12, ‘what will I tell my people in Odogbolu’. So, senator will sit down there in committee and be seeing Timbuktu people on his Obubra or Bonny slot? What will he tell his people? Mbok, carry that list go make all of una scrutinize am together, after all you are all the same. It’s not as if the common man will gain anything in the whole thing.

By the way, you did not wear mask o abi all that hot Warri – kai Kai don give you immunity? Anyways, my brother, how you dey? Long time.