Gbajabiamila Tasks Journalists on Truthful, Balanced Reportage

Femi Gbajabiamila

Udora Orizu in Abuja

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila, has tasked journalists to always be truthful in their reportage, which he said would promote good governance and enhance the business of news reporting.

Speaking during the inauguration of the newly elected officials of the House of Representatives Press Corps yesterday at the National Assembly, Gbajabiamila said journalists must contribute to the well-being of the society through their coverage.

He said journalists have the capacity to shape different narratives in the society, hence the need to be truthful.

The Speaker, while admonishing the newly elected officials of the House Press Corps to always remember their oath of office in carrying out their functions, also tasked journalists to ensure balanced and objective reportage to avoid being one-sided.

He also assured them that the leadership of the House under him would ensure a conducive environment for all journalists covering the activities of the House.

The Speaker challenged journalists to do away with the bad eggs among them, which he said could be found in any institution or profession.

According to him, ‘’We talk about reforms here and there; there has to be reform in your work too. Just recently, we had people from the media who came and apologised for false reporting. You have the potential of even killing your business in a newspaper house, because in a society, if you’re sued, that’s the end of your job. So, what does it pay anybody, knowing especially that the story you’re publishing is false? My own is an admonition, and there’s nothing wrong with admonition. Get me right, we want you to report the truth. Whether it is negative or not, one thing is just to make sure it’s the truth. Whether it goes against the House or the Senate, it doesn’t matter. But let it be the truth.’’

In her remark, the newly sworn-in Chairman of the corps, Grace Ike, assured the Speaker that journalists would always ensure that their reports are truthful, balanced and objective.