The Silence in Aso Rock

Muhammadu Buhar

Dr. Asukwo Mendie Archibong,

National Chairman of Nigerians For Democracy writes that the foreboding silence from the Presidency in the face of nagging questions begging for answers deepens suspicions that all is not well with the leadership of the country

People are no longer afraid of President Muhammadu Buhari. His wife is not afraid or respectful of him. She is fighting his staff and they are fighting back.
People are insulting her without fear of her husband.

Yet silence.

Strange to have gunshots in the seat of federal governance. Presidency is not a location for shooting target practice. A trained officer of the law discharged his weapons in trying to impose the will of Aisha Buhari on another man who simply disregarded her.

Yet silence.

Fight in the All Progressives Congress (APC). Governor Godwin Obaseki frozen out, chairmen springing up from every cave like mushrooms. Adams Oshiomhole beaten like a small boy, removed, katakata everywhere. Obaseki goes to meet Buhari but diverted to Chief of Staff. Obaseki is not a staff to Buhari. Obaseki leaves Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), I mean APC: They are the same!

Yet silence.

More killings by Boko Haram. Katsina State the home state of Buhari on fire with protests erupting everywhere. Killings of military officers and policemen by Boko Haram. Bandits taking over the north, kidnapping and killing people.

Yet silence.

Stale Service Chiefs way beyond their tenure. Despite being ineffective. Despite not enjoying the support of troops. Despite the low morale of troops. Despite affecting the career of other senior military officers, they are still in place. Watching everyday as their officers are killed and Nigerians are murdered by kidnappers, bandits and Boko Haram.

Yet silence.

Something is wrong in Aso Rock. I don’t subscribe to conspiracy theories, but is Aisha hiding something from Nigerians?

Something is off. I know for a fact that no man on earth can insult a Nigerian man’s wife and live to boast about it talk less of still being employed by him. Who born you? But it happened in Aso Rock.

Yet silence.

Something is wrong. Very wrong somewhere.

My hope for Nigeria is beginning to sag. We must not let Nigeria fail. Everybody is eating, nobody is talking in this government.

It will all become clearer shortly.