Disinfection Solution against Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi Debuts in Nigeria


Martins Ifijeh

As Nigeria and the rest of the world slump into the doldrums of the deadly COVID-19, a new solution that eliminates the external impact of viruses, bacteria, and fungi awakens hope and assurances of safety for people as the country’s economy gradually re-opens.

This disinfection solution, manufactured by Diversay Solutions Limited, is a combined supply of Diversay Disinfection Tunnel (DDT) and the Diversay Disinfectant. Built with aesthetics and global standards, the DDT as it is now fondly called allows for flexibility in its features to fit existing premise branding.

One unique quality of the DDT is its disinfection solution which can be used to sanitize people in high traffic areas; private and government offices, banks, malls, hospitals, religious centers, markets, motor parks, schools, parks, factories, construction sites, farms, hotels, quick-service restaurants, cafes, saloons, amongst others.

It is also ideal for quarantine areas, housing estates, and other crowded locations.

The DDT main unit has a hand sanitising basin and automatic sanitizer dispenser on entry and misting nozzles that spray the disinfectant liquid over the entire body to eliminate all viruses, bacteria, and fungi. The floor is also manufactured with a material that allows the soles of the shoes to be disinfected along with the entire body upon entry.

DDT is designed for persons’ sanitiation and so the size of the tank from which the disinfectant is pumped will be proportional to traffic flow.

Other features include; cost-effectiveness, three months warranty, easy installation, low maintenance, and ease of use at high-risk locations where fast and efficient disinfection is required.