Don Lulu @39: A Life of Service to Humanity


The drums will roll out this month in Abia state, as dignitaries and the best of Nigerian entertainment stars will once again honour Mayor Lucky Igbokwe, aka Don Lulu, who is one of Nigeria’s leading entertainment entrepreneurs in a fun-filled festivity that will reverberate across the Nigerian entertainment space.

Don Lulu’s 2Flame Entertainment Limited has today grown to huge success and a leading record label in Nigeria which has to its credit a lot of well-known and successful artistes in its label and has encouraged up and coming artistes into realizing their talents. He is also the Chairman and Managing Director of Lucion Towers Constructions Limited a firm that is into big-time real estate and property development.

Lulu was in 2013 appointed the United Nations Mayor of Peace, making him the youngest MoP in South-eastern Nigeria in recognition of his efforts towards lasting regional and global peace initiatives.

The festivity will not only be about the entertainment mogul but will also seek to empower the lowly and needy in the society. Lulu ahead of this event told journalists, “We cannot stand by and pretend the problem doesn’t exist. This is our world and our opportunity to change it. We only get one life to make a difference. We either leave this world better, unchanged, or worse off than when we arrived and as for me, I have chosen to make a difference.”

In his July 27, 2018 birthday which was elaborately celebrated in his hometown, Umuawa Alaocha in Ohuhu Umuahia North LGA, which had the crème of the Nigerian entertainment industry in attendance, the entertainment guru officially launched his foundation, the Don Lulu foundation with the senator representing Abia Central Senatorial Zone, Senator T. A Orji, (Ochendo) as the chairman of the occasion.

Sen. Orji during the occasion promised to build a block of classrooms and donate a transformer to the community under the Don Lulu Foundation in line with the vision upon which the foundation was instituted focusing on education, housing, health care delivery, and poverty alleviation.

He is promoting access to quality education through a back-to-school campaign and establishment of a scholarship endowment fund. Another scheme is the housing scheme in which shelter was provided to the less privileged.
In addition, there is the widow/widower empowerment which involves a N40-million interest-free revolving loan facility to artisans, traders among other indigent members of the community.

The good news is that Senator Orji in keeping to his words had completed the block of classrooms in Umuawa Alaocha Primary School and had also delivered and installed the transformer as promised, he also used the occasion to commission three bungalows and donated to the less privileged by the foundation as well as the start-up of the N40 million revolving loan facility for empowerment and entrepreneurial training for the youths, the unemployed class, the widows and the widowers.

That time of the year is here again and despite the global challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic with its attendant economic crunch, Igbokwe had outlined a number of humanitarian activities to be undertaken through his foundation.

And having placed a premium on quality education and human capital development he chose to equip the building donated by Ochendo in Umuawa Alaocha Primary School with modern computers in his foundation’s digital inclusion efforts and as a part of the organization’s strategy at closing the existing performance gaps between the poor and the rich in the society.
This year’s birthday will also witness the energizing of the transformer donated by Ochendo through his foundation and will also assist those who are classified as unemployable to get meaningfully engaged through skills acquisition.
June 27 is Don Lulu’s Day to remember.