In a bid to celebrate 30 years of greatness and also to introduce the new and unique project of Tush My Home Global Limited into the entertainment industry, Chairman company, Dr. Fred Ayodeji Mafikuyomi announced during a press conference the newest and the most socially responsible reality show in Nigeria, Tush My Apartment.

Shedding more light on the need for the project, the Chairman shares, ‘ Facts and figures from reputable sources has it that 86.9million Nigerians are living in penury, many are homeless, while some other sources claim that 170millions are living in ramshackle apartments. The question is what does an average Nigerian want? An average Nigerian wants a comfortable home, good food, safe place to lay his or her head and a standard infrastructural facility.

The show targets all Nigerians, three Contestants who makes it to the final will get their apartment renovated or rent a new apartment to the tune of N1.5Million Naira, N1Million Naira and Five Hundred Thousand Naira respectively and also the show will be organized every quarter. Also this new initiative will provide an opportunity for many Nigerians to have a comfortable accommodation.

Dr Mafikuyomi explained the processes of the show saying, ‘ In order to boost the living conditions, restore the pride of average Nigerians and to put a smile on their faces, Tush My Apartment Reality Show is introduced to enhance the lifestyle of Nigerians by using a team of professionally trained and highly resourceful experts to execute a free and complete makeover of an existing apartment owned by 3 lucky Nigerians and Contestants in the Show or rent an apartment for the winners if necessary.’

Tush My Home Global Limited is a registered communication and media outfit with specialty in Reality TV Shows. It also a firm majored in creative Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Consultancy with interest in entertainment projects as well.

The registration and housemate selection process has started and the company encourages Nigerians and brands to support the show which according to him respects our religion, culture, morale, social, norms and ethics in Nigeria.