APC Young Stakeholders Call for Emergency NEC Meeting


By Adedayo Akinwale

The Young Stakeholders of the All Progressives Congress (APC), have called on the party leadership to urgently convene an emergency National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting to discuss all pending issues and resolve the crises rocking the party.

The stakeholders lamented that the party’s name and reputation that was heralded with so much hope and enthusiasm just a few years ago is being ridiculed in the news media with all sorts of negative headlines.

The Young Stakeholders’ Spokesperson, Mr. Ife Adebayo, said that they were forced to lend their voices to the ongoing crisis rocking the party because those who ought to have nipped this in the bud have, shockingly, either refused to or seem unable, for reasons that they could not simply be understood.

The young stakeholders resolved to meet with other stakeholders and leaders of the party in order to facilitate reconciliation.

It said: “The party must as a matter of urgency call for an emergency NEC meeting-observing all the NCDC protocols as necessary to table and discuss all pending issues in the party.

“That NEC when convened, must clearly call for a National Convention as required by the constitution of the party as soon as feasible under the circumstances so as to ratify, reject or amend any law, structure or issue as agreed by it.”

The stakeholders also called on the party leadership to commence revalidation and registration of new members in order to have a harmonised register that would enable it to hand the party back to the people and ensure that it could easily conduct direct primaries or congresses without the controversies and drama that usually comes with it.

It noted that the party has two critical gubernatorial elections coming up in Edo and Ondo states and should be focusing on how to get votes under the COVID-19 period and ensure victory without engaging in petty squabbles.

It pointed out that the ruling party could not go into these contests with a divided house bearing in mind its painful experiences in Zamfara and Rivers States.