Aisha Buhari – My Very Candid Advice

Aisha Buhari

Loud Whispers with Joseph Edgar

I really am a very strong supporter of the First Lady Aisha Buhari and must confess that I am usually not very happy anytime I hear of these kinds of stories. They usually first come out like rumours because they look like a scene from a badly-scripted movie and before you realize it, you begin to see that it really happened.

So this time, it is even worse because like we have been told that there were scuffling and gunshots. Is it until someone slaps the First Lady before something is done?

Please this is not a matter for a panel of inquiry. The First Lady no matter her demeanour must be respected. Abi, is it because we are not doing like the immediate past one. Who will try these things with that Mummy? The fire of Hades would descend on them all? Mbok, every time people are just harassing mummy up and down for what na? See let me tell one small story. I live in one small estate and we once had an executive that was almost despotic. The chairman ruled with an iron fist and governed with decrees.

Mbok, common estate o; come and see power show. Who born you to talk for meeting? That is how Duchess went to start doing snail farming beside our own unit. I didn’t like the snail but what can I do na? Well, inevitably we got a visit from the facility manager. He came with a strong warning from his lord.

We had to remove the snail or they will destroy it. I look the boy with him bear-bear like Prophet Nebuchadnezzar and say, “My brother, if you try to humiliate the Duchess, I will die fighting.” It is the prerogative of every man to make sure his First Lady has adequate respect and dignity.

It looks like our First Lady is alone and it is not fair. Even if she is alone, people around her should learn to manage her excesses if any, not to be ‘rude’ to her outright like we have been told. Please, I am really begging: can’t you people see how dignified other First Ladies that no fine reach our own are treated?

Abi, will someone attempt to be rude to Melania Trump? He will just see knee on his neck and nobody will even give him a chance to shout for help. Please, our First Lady represents Nigerian womanhood and as such she must be treated with honour. Our women will not see this one to fight for now o. I am just tired.