Covid-19: Expert Speaks on the Art of Resilience

By Yinka Olatunbosun

Asides economic implications recorded globally, one of the greatest impacts of Covid-19 pandemic is on mental health. For writers who ordinarily enjoy working in isolation, being forced to be alone due to Covid-19 social distancing rule has caused depression and mental lethargy. At a recently held virtual session called ArtliftED series, this trend was discussed with a consultant psychiatrist, Dr. Egbeh Otu.

“We will overcome Covid-19. There is an art to resilience,” he said. Dr. Otu added that it is possible to recover from the negative mental health impact of the global health and economic crisis caused by the Covid-19. Hosted by writer, gender and development advocate, Ekaete George with the theme, “Covid-19-ing – The Art of Resilience,” Dr. Otu said it is better to build the art of resilience than to develop mental illness that would require clinical intervention.

The series was the first of its kind, introduced by the host, George as a virtual event to discuss art as a tool for building resilience and getting uplifted from depression as well as other mental health disorder that the current challenges might trigger.

While fielding questions from the host, the mental health expert advised that people must be ready to develop useful skills to enable them master the art of resilience. He recommended five ways to sharpen resilience. They need to be physically active, to get help, to socialize, have a schedule, and to be kind to ourselves.

In her remarks, the Host George describes ArtliftED Series as a conversation platform that seeks to ideate the connection between art, wellness, equality and development; a place for book lovers, “artivists” and everyone interested in being uplifted and “ArtliftED.”
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