EduTech Harps on Decentralised Learning for Schools


Emma Okonji

Given the adverse economic effect of COVID-19 on global educational system, the General Manager, EduTech, Mr. Olufemi Shonubi has advised the Federal Government to adopt a decentralised learning process for schools.

According to him, the negative effects of COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated the search for a convenient school system to strengthen learning in the country.

EduTech is an establishment geared towards transforming education with hands-on and technology-based learning solutions in educational campuses and organisations.

Shonubi said although the model was still desirable in the country due to the gap between demand and access to quality education, the outbreak of COVID-19 has made it so imperative that any country that delays in adopting it will play catch-up in the future and pay the price with low skilled and half-baked graduates.

He said: “In recent years, the provision of e-learning solutions was necessitated by the growing gap between demand and access to education. Considering the current situation brought about by the novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, however, we are finding that e-learning solutions are needed now more than ever.”

He further explained that in a bid to lead the way in achieving his initiative, his company has successfully launched a new e-learning platform, VigiLearn 3.0, which will enable individuals to gain valuable knowledge through short courses as well as full degrees from reputable Nigerian universities.

According to him, “the launch of VigiLearn 3.0, EduTech is perfectly poised to provide access to quality education to all and sundry. Learners, whether at undergraduate, postgraduate or even professional levels will experience unparalleled ease as they have a unique opportunity to add value to themselves during this period of isolation and thereafter.

“VigiLearn 3.0 is the latest installment in a series of learning management platforms introduced by EduTech, and it boasts of an improved virtual classroom experience improved user management capabilities, big data analytics and seamless social networking functions which all combine to provide a significantly improved user experience for platform administrators, tutors and learners.”

The VigiLearn platform presently houses e-learning content for nine-degree programmes across Ahmadu Bello University and Obafemi Awolowo University which has given individuals the opportunity to gain undergraduate and postgraduate degrees without putting their lives on hold. All degree programmes enjoy National Universities Commission (NUC) accreditation, Shonubi said.