LADe Releases New Single

LADe Releases New Single

Omolade Bisiriyu popularly known as LADe is the stage name of Nigerian singer, songwriter and producer. Gaining recognition as an underground artist with the release of his first single ‘Pause’, he gradually rises to recognition and sparked a budding fan base.

The act is currently signed to NAKI MUSIC. And LADe describes his sound as “flex vibes” based on how he delivers his flow mostly improvising, and his calm soothing rhythms that contrast against the afrobeat fused sounds of the track.

He promises to be a great asset to the music industry as he plans to release more projects and work with like minds in the nearest future.

‘Bad Govament’ is the latest single to come from Nigerian singer LADe who felt inspired to write a track about the happenings in the political system. Written for everyone that has ever complained about a political system and has fought injustice, LADe features the voices of people who have protested in this moving and powerful anthem against unfairness. The laid back beat tempered by emotive lyrics, ‘Bad Govament’ is a testament to the spirit of LADe.

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