Domino’s Pizza, Cold Stone Delight Nigerians with Sliming Offers

  •  Gives mouthwatering deals throughout June

This June brings more good news, as Cold Stone brings the best food in town blended with more amazing deals and offers for families and food enthusiasts across the nation.

For the duo, families should relish their new excitements including: hot delicious box of Domino’s pizza, a sweet creamy cup of Cold Stone ice-cream and a light and refreshing swirly cup of gourmet Pinkberry frozen yoghurt.

According to the popular food brands, they are rolling out the best and most affordable offers for the most delicious, mouthwatering treats anyone can enjoy right from the comfort of his or her home.

According to Domino’s Pizza, it is reducing its delivery limit to N2,000 to all at home or anywhere of choice. “Whether at home, office or elsewhere, we will literally bring these offers to your doorstep while maintaining their zero Contact Delivery policy to keep you safe”.

What is more exciting, however, is that with their Classic saver’s deal, customers can enjoy any BBQ Chicken, BBQ Beef, Meat Pie, Chicken pie from N1,700 only.

The companies are also offering a rainy deal which allows customers chillax with any Medium Chicken Suya/Beef Suya/Sweet and hot Pizza and any bread side order coupled with 60cl Sprite from N3500.

Cold Stone is further maximising its indulgence with amazing offers that friends, colleagues, and families and anyone can enjoy starting with their delicious vale deals ranging from N1000, N1,500, N2000 to N3000.

It is also offering buy “One Get One Free” for grabs throughout June and a sweet weekend rainy day deal to brighten up a rainy day, where you get 25 per cent off on any Love it CYO when it rains.

Other intriguing offers are: elite Pinkberry movement with delicious, sweet and healthy treats. Its Swirly Treat Plus Deal – four cups of the delicious Pinnacolada and Greek original flavours for just N2,500 and also get the amazing super savers Deal – 2 small cups of original and salted caramel flavour for as low as N1000 from June 15 to 18.

Pinkberry and Cold Stone are now available for direct online order via Jumia Food Order here for swirly goodness: Pinkberry and Cold Stone for Maximum indulgence.

They urge everyone, “Treat yourself! Excite your taste buds! You deserve it!”

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