LASEPA Approves Pilot Drive-thorough Concert in Lagos

By Chiemelie Ezeobi

The Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency (LASEPA) has approved a pilot drive-through concert in Lagos.

According to the agency, the pilot drive-through is a new holistic way of connecting audiences, while maintaining social distancing guidelines.

LASEPA GM, Dr Dolapo Fasawe described the event which was organised by the Palazio Lifestyles and took place at Bay Lounge at Admiralty Way, Lekki, recently, as a test run for the new format, adding that if it’s successful, it’s a win all round.

She said: “This government is not unmindful that the entertainment/ hospitality sector has been one of the hardest-hit as a result of total lockdown due to global pandemic (COVID-19), hence the need for this holistic move.”

According to Fasawe, the following are to be complied with for a successful outing; attendants are encouraged to stay in their vehicles for the duration of the concert and not more than three at a time;

“The use of face mask and check of temperature at entrance is a must; total compliance to social distancing at rest rooms and provision of hand sanitizers; there shall be not more than two persons on the stage.

“The approved time frame to be adhered to; noise must not exceed the approved limit for the environment; and the monitoring team of the agency to be on ground to ensure compliance.”

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