Foundation Offers N4bn Educational Support

Ebere Nwoji

Regenesys Foundation said it is offering a N4 billion lockdown education support initiative to new students who wish to register for online qualifications into the Regenesys Business School.

The Foundation pledged to support 500 students with 60 per cent of their school fees.

The offer which commenced this month would last till August 1, 2020.

A statement by the spokesperson and representative of the school in Nigeria, Mr. Kiri Tamuno, said the N4 billion school support initiative was targeted at supporting disadvantaged youths yearning for higher education in Nigeria.

“We wish to help those affected by pay cuts and job losses to develop a competitive edge or to start their own new ventures so that they bounce back from the pandemic “, the statement said.

It further said students from anywhere in Africa who qualify to enter into the school’s MBA, Bachelors, postgraduate diplomas and certificate programmed will be allocated places on a first-served basis.

It further said the Regenesys community of alumni, students, faculty and friends from 20 countries had worked hard to make the initiative possible.

Most of them according to Tamuno have pledged supports ranging from financial contributions and salary sacrifices as well as contributions in kind through lecturing, tutoring, and assessment, research supervision, mentoring and coaching.

The Regenesys Foundation is a registered non-profit organisation based in South Africa.

It promotes and provides free global access to business education, supports entrepreneurship, and contributes to job creation and economic development.

According to Tamuno, the foundation has seven core objectives which are providing free online business education to people across the world; developing entrepreneurial skills and culture,

providing bursaries and study loans to deserving and financially disadvantaged students;

providing research grants to Regenesys Business School to undertake strategic research, knowledge development, learning programmes development and innovation within the context of a rapidly changing digital economy.

Other are developing strategic and high impact learning programmes in entrepreneurship, leadership and management; and focusing on addressing contemporary societal challenges and needs.

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