De-Miropass Technologies Ltd Returns to Business Modified, Clears Debt

De-Miropass Technologies Ltd Returns to Business Modified, Clears Debt

De-Miropass Technologies Limited, a four-in-one firm, has returned to the business space energised after patiently modifying its model for quality services to its customers across the country.

This modification and total rebranding is coming months after the firm suffered a major economic mishap while operating in Abuja in 2018.

In a media parley held recently at its Ojodu Berger office, the Chief Executive Officer De-Miropass, Adejoro Oluwashola, shares the company’s come-back excitements, new packages and globalisation.

“Yes, our system was hacked in 2018 while we were in Abuja. It caused us to lose a whooping N150 million naira. Hence, we planned to cover a large number of 1st batch payment to our customers as we earlier promised,” he noted.

According to him, although the current pandemic foiled the payment in batches as planned, “We will continue to work towards satisfying the resultant debts to build that trust again that they once had in us”.

Continuing, Adejoro pledged, “We have started already. And we shall pay up the debt in batches”.

To keep up with its promise, Adejoro reassured its customers that Miropass A-mart Limited had finally modified business model whilst calling on its affiliate members to continue business activities with them.

He enjoined: “Please find details of the package content on this link (our website). Our international market is gradually picking up as well.”

Actively speaking alongside the company’s COO, Anjori Samson, the CEO acknowledged that De-Miropass had put measures in place to ensure it doesn’t suffer same fate that wrecked its business earlier.

Notwithstanding, De-Miropass has had over 22,000 registration affiliate members over the years. “We are back to business and good to go”.

While it has its store online for clients who wishes to use the online service

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