Eli Saig Revs up Fashion Label, Plans Major Extension

Eli Saig

Eli Saig, an internationally acclaimed fashion enthusiasts, is known for rapid expansion at whatever he does. With the help of his fashion label, Bogart Man established in 2000, he has been able to rev up the industry with a new touch as he plans major extension.

As an acclaimed fashion brand, Bogart Man has become one of the most celebrated fashion labels in Africa. It’s a prestigious South African-based luxury clothing and lifestyle brand. Through innovation, planning and creativity, it has carved a niche for itself in the fashion space.

Thanks to ability to plan, think outside the box and innovate, Saig enthused , “We used planning, creativity, networking and patience to overcome all the challenges that have shaped us to being the brand that we are today”.

Like most successful brands, Saig noted that they paid the required price for the rise. “It is very rare that one finds the right people right at the beginning of a business venture. Building the right team doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time to build”.

Although he has lost counts of his blessings, Saig listed the major challenge faced. “When we were starting up, it was like establishing ourselves in a new market as well as mastering the know-how of production, styling, pricing and marketing of Bogart as a new brand back in 1991”.

Meanwhile, the lockdown and COVID-19 pandemic brought another twist to Saig. He narrated how he had given back to the society in the midst of the pandemic. “COVID-19 is a major concern as it affects the lives of our customers, our staff, our people and the whole world. This is why a portion of our sales go towards the COVID-19 Solidarity Fund”.

Indeed, Saig has a word for young entrepreneurs who desire to make a mark in the fashion industry. “Youngsters who are trying to build their brands should follow their heart. You also need to use your brain to its optimum”.

Adding, he urged them to trust in their processes, pay the price, be humble and ethical, and be willing to stay focused against all odds.