Dradrock Real Estate Positions for Housing Solutions with TEE-A

Bennett Oghifo

Dradrock Real Estate Limited, a Lagos-based property Development Company, recently unveiled famous Nigerian comedian, master of ceremonies, television personality, show host and content producer, Tee-A, also known as ‘Babatunde Adewale a Brand partner.

Dradrock Real Estate Limited, which prides itself as dedicated to providing the most accessible real estate solutions with the highest possible industry standards, has with this partnership broke the norm.

It is not common for a brand to partner with a comedian in a market where the focus has always been on music and movie stars. “This explains why it was such an exciting time,” officials of the company said.

A celebrity, according to Hershey Friedman and Linda Friedman in their paper Endorser Effectiveness “is a personality -usually an actor, entertainer, or athlete- who is known to the public for his or her accomplishment in areas other than the product class endorsed.” The usage of celebrities as brand ambassadors within the ambits of marketing communications has become a veritable tool which brand owners have consistently explored to position their respective brands, thereby giving them the top of mind awareness with consumers.

Besides, the emergence of Marshal McLuhan’s envisioned ‘global village’ through the renewed impact of the mass media, heightened by the digital media expansion, have collectively made the business of celebrity branding a huge success if well-defined and the celebrity has the clout to reach the target market segment. This explains why International Sports icons and super entertainers like Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Davido, David Beckham, Serena Williams, and the like, have elevated various brands through endorsements in their respective profession.

The unveiling of Tee-A as a brand partner to Dradrock Real Estate Limited took place last week at the company’s highbrow office in Lekki, Lagos. After the brief signing ceremony, Tee-A was formally presented to a gathering of top company officials, media editors, brand-marketing communicators, and social media influencers.

Speaking at the brief ceremony, the MD/CEO of Dradrock Real Estate Limited, Oladipo Idowu-Agida, expressed optimum satisfaction that the consummation of the brand partnership that has been in the pipeline for some time, has eventually become a reality with the public presentation. He carefully traced the touch-points of the company’s connection with Tee-A, which started as a client-customer relationship over a period before it elevated to the present partnership arrangement.

Speaking further, Mr. Idowu-Agida revealed some verifiable yardsticks behind the choice of Tee-A as Brand Partner. His words: “we place a strong premium on educating and informing our consumers, so we had to dig deep, based on consumer preferences through research, to identify a particular celebrity whose character is congruent with our brand. Considering that we had an existing relationship, it was easy for us to identify those salient qualities Tee-A has been that congruent with our brand culture. Looking at all these, we all will agree that Tee-A will create a great impact in the minds of all segments of our current and prospective consumers with his versatile personality profile. “Tee-A’s level of awareness on real estate and his top-notch influence in the society, made him the ideal candidate to reach out to different facets of our consumers in the Nigerian real estate market and the diaspora market.” “I believe this relationship will surely add value to our organization,” Idowu-Agida explained further.

Also commenting after the formal signing of the partnership agreement, Tee-A described his relationship with Dradrock as one that has come a long way and will be mutually beneficial to all partners involved. Although he is known more with comedy and entertainment, he acknowledged that he had been a real estate aficionado for a long time, so the partnership will not only attract goodwill to Dradrock but also strategic advice and suggestions. In his words: “The partnership will surely boost the position of the organization in the marketplace.”

However, Tee-A still expressed great joy for the honor of being engaged as the Brand Partner of Dradrock. “To have been chosen amongst the galaxy of celebrities and Stars in Nigeria is humbling and encouraging.” He said that he is poised to bring joy to real estate consumers and drive home all the important messages concerning development and investments options that Dradrock intend to convey to the Nigerian public

Also speaking on some long-term internal programmes and plans that have kept Dradrock Real Estate Limited on top of her game, Human Capital Development Manager, Temitope Ayanbowale, revealed that several training packages for the staff and management had ensured impressive performance. “Even now that the Nigerian economy is facing a challenging time, we have experienced remarkable growth in business, and these programs have helped to establish a strong bonding relationship like that of a family within the workforce, including our external sales partners and consultants,” she explained.

Immediately after the public presentation, the Brand Partner swung in action, joining Idowu-Agida, editors, writers and all team members present in a tour of Pacific Manor, one of the company’s new estate that is on the verge of completion.

The team arrived Pacific Manor, a magnificent and spectacular piece of real estate luxury. Everyone admired the luxurious, serene and gated community located within Atlantic Nominees Estate in Lekki, Lagos.

The estate is situated in the heart of Lagos, just a 20 minutes’ drive from the popular Four Points by Sheraton hotel.

Waiting at the gate of Pacific Manor to receive the visiting team to the unique estate that sits on 6,400sqm of dry land was the Project Manager, Olusola Ayo-Soyemi. After a swift temperature check and application of hand sanitizers, everyone was ready for the tour.

As she led the Managing Director of Dradrock, the Brand Partner, journalists, and others in a tour around the estate that was still under construction, she explained that Pacific Manor residence is engineered with the highest possible standards. It offers opportunities for both investments and residential purposes.

She explained further that Pacific Manor also offers an investment opportunity like no other with high rental value and high capital appreciation within a short time with flexible payment options.

A visibly elated Tee-A, in his first ‘ambassadorial’ duty in this brand partnership, was impressed with the high level of professionalism and quality pace of work at Pacific Manor. He spontaneously invited the public to come and experience the luxury lifestyle that Pacific Manor is poised to present in about eight months when virtually everything will be ready. Pacific manor has a total of 3 blocks of 1 bedroom apartment consisting of 9 units in each block and 9 blocks of a 3 bedroom terrace duplex consisting of 4 units in each block.

It is evident that with such trailblazing performance, Dradrock Real Estate Limited is poised to emerge as one of the fastest-growing real estate companies in Nigeria with a special interest in the residential and retail sectors. The company presently has its core operations in Lagos, but with extension plans to Abuja and Port-Harcourt soon. The organisation is dedicated to providing the most accessible real estate solutions in Africa through top-class professionals with the highest possible standards.

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