LOUD WHISPERS with Joseph Edgar

This man is simply something else. I don’t even know how to describe him. You know me I don’t like following the crowd so I will not call him names that the rest of the world have been calling him, I go just beat my own path. The man gives the word ‘madness’ a positive glow. Him own don pass that level.

The other day in the wake of the protests that have engulfed America following the murder of Mr. Floyd, I saw a tweet purportedly from him complaining about the state of cleanliness of the bunker blaming Obama. Mbok,

I screamed, this one is just something else. Bunker? Dirty? For this one that is happening. Kai. Just as I thought it couldn’t get worse, he ensures that the authorities brutalize unarmed protesters so that he can go to church and hold bible and take picture. kai, na this kind one we should get here, the drama is colourful.

What we have hear na silence of the lamb. This one is per second excitement. Well, they voted him, they sure got what they wanted. We dey here with our own. Same same just far less drama. Na wa.