Over 3000 Ministers Benefit from Pastor Chris’ Relief Aid



The President of LoveWorld Incorporated (aka Christ Embassy) Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome has provided emergency food relief aid to over 3000 Pastors Outside Christ Embasssy in one week.

Pastor Chris, as he is popularly called, made this known last night during the ongoing Your Loveworld daily broadcast. The Global Emergency Relief Aid for Pastors and Ministers of the Gospel in dire need was a call the Man Of God made on Saturday 23rd May 2020; when he said God told him to make a global call for relief aid for Pastors who have been adversely affected by the current Global crisis.

The Man of God while expressing his joy at the progress made so far, said: “I’m happy we are doing this because they care for a lot of people. Whatever we give them, they are going to give to others. When we give to Pastors, they give it to those needy in their environment. If we empower him a little more, it will go a long way.”

He encouraged everyone to be a vital part of the programme as it will be a point of blessing for everyone involved.

In this First phase, the over 3000 beneficiaries were predominantly across several countries in Africa, Europe, Asia, South America and the Middle East. Last week, as part of his commitment to ensure needy citizens during the Covid-19 pandemic are not left to suffer, President of Loveworld Inc Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has announced a Global Emergency Food Relief aid for Pastors and Ministers of the Gospel affected by the current global crisis.

He said: “There are Pastors who are impoverished by this situation/crisis. There’s no way that you can know all of them, but some of them were brought into very desperate circumstances. They have no food, no money, nothing! This week, I want us to do something if we can find them, if we can get to know who and where they are.”

According to Pastor Chris, the initiative is not just a good idea from my head but an instruction of the Spirit of God. He further expressed hopes that this will go a long way to encourage and support the beneficiaries.

This is not the first time the cleric has organized Emergency Food Relief interventions as his foundation, Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International, has so far provided food supplies to over 300,000 families and households across the six geo/political zones of Nigeria and many more in several other countries around the world.

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