5G Controversy Needs Honest Science


Guest Columnist: Okey Ikechukwu

It is a fact of science that everything on earth gives out a definite radiation. It is also a fact of science that what we call “matter”, like a table, or even our bodies, is just pure energy vibrating at a specific frequency. It is the frequency and rate of vibration that creates what we call shape, size, texture, etc. These particles also generate small electrical impulses, creating some sort of “field” around objects, even if only at a microscopic/atomic level for some of them. The human aura, for instance, is the result of electrical impulses, which continue from the subatomic level until they emerge as our electromagnetic field. What we eat, how we live and where we live can alter our aura significantly. So, using the term loosely if you like, electromagnetic fields are inevitable for all existents.

That is why everything pertaining to the 5G controversy should perhaps be examined within the wider context of an ecosystem that is actually a network of interconnected magnetic fields. What our world is made of, how it works and what happens when certain types of radiations interact should worry us in a world dominated by man-made radiations, like electricity, microwaves, and radiofrequency fields/GSM of various grades. Intersecting radiations of low and high frequency electromagnetic fields are here. Radiations that would ordinarily not break chemical bonds (in principle) may acquire new properties and capabilities that cannot be properly domiciled with either of the original electromagnetic fields. That is why it is not enough to talk about how the radiation decreases very rapidly as you move away from the 5G cell tower. That is why we should note that 5G towers being within 500 feet of each other, amidst other emissions and magnetic fields, raises issues that need to be resolved.

While it is true that electromagnetic fields, like electric fields, are strongest close to their points of origin, while it is also true that their effects are reduced by distance, walls, buildings, and trees, it is open to argument whether any set of radiations will retain their original characteristics in the midst of an altered ecosystem. It is a fact of science that a substantial percentage of human exposure to man-made radiation comes from gadgets, home electronics and medical procedures. There are decided cases in the US and Europe, where damages have been paid by phone services providers for health problems arising from the use of mobile phones. Some electromagnetic radiations are strong enough to break bonds between molecules and introduce changes in the human DNA. This is what alters certain things in the shape, or functions, of certain cells of the body. Gamma rays from radioactive materials, cosmic rays and X-rays also known as ‘ionizing radiation’ can do this. We are also being bombarded by denatured food, high-energy radiation/cosmic and intergalactic rays and particles admitted by our damaged Ozone Layer.

Radiation particles can pass through our bodies, because human flesh is a semiconductor. The radiations can introduce breaks, or damages, in certain chemical bonds in the body. This breaking of chemical bonds distorts the genetic information in the living cells and introduce errors in the formation of certain body parts. The interfering radiations change the original formats of the various building blocks of our body. Skin cancer, for instance, is nothing but a disruption of the processes governing the development of normal skin. These are facts of science. People are advised against having more than one chest x-ray in a year, because a single exposure gives a dose of about 10 mrem. But we are running all over the place and doing full-body CT scans, of which one exposure gives a dose of 1,000 mrem.

Take a frequent flyer, or a regular long-haul flyer, for instance. He is inside an aircraft made of transmitters, receivers, satellite enabled navigational equipment, hundreds of smartphones, tablets, laptops and other devices that passengers loaded on the plane. Do all these things not emit strong electromagnetic frequencies? Most health experts will tell you that taking long haul flights is not a major health risk. But they admit that exposure to even a small amount of certain electromagnetic frequencies can mean trouble for individuals who are predisposed to cancer. The question for us here is: WHY? Why is it that frequent, or long haul flyers, are best advised to take the following steps to protect themselves from harmful electromagnetic radiations: (1) Use a good laptop shield; (2) Use a high quality headset to listen to anything; (3) Use a protective wallet, with radiation insulation, for smart phones; (4) Pregnant travellers should wear the Vest Anti-radiation Belly Band; and (5) Use anti-radiation blankets for infants and children.

It is true that all plants and animals contain small amounts of radiation from radioactive potassium-40 (40K), radium-226 (226Ra), and other isotopes. Water also contains small amounts of dissolved uranium and thorium. The average person gets about 30 – 32 mrem (the measuring paradigm, the way temperature is measured in Fahrenheit, or Centigrade) of radiation a year from regular food and water intake. But most people in high-tech environments receive about 62 – 65 mrem every year. Baring radiations from cosmic rays and the Earth itself, half of this excess radiation comes from gadgets, medical, commercial, and industrial sources. Health problems, especially cancers and related ailments are also known to afflict people in high-tech environments relatively more. Putting this in context, therefore, the issue is not just the presence of radiations, but their effects on the ecosystem and the resident lifeforms.

Like electric fields, magnetic fields are strongest close to their origin and rapidly decrease at greater distances from the source. The man-made sources of electromagnetic field include X-rays, various kinds of higher frequency radio waves, via TV antennas, radio stations or mobile phone base stations. And you also have the challenge from outer space. The Toyota company had to recall about nine million pieces of its Camry brand between 2009 and 2011, because of what it termed “sticky pedals.” While the mechanical explanations for the problem were being addressed, Denis Chow of the Livescience publication, pointed out that the problem may have been created by: “… cosmic ray radiation from deep in the cosmos, which has been known to plague vulnerable data and memory chips in electronics.” He added that “… investigators might find it useful to examine a far-out culprit: cosmic ray radiation

Cosmic Rays Hit 50-Year High
Galactic cosmic rays have just hit a Space Age high, newdata from a NASA spacecraft indicates.”In 2009, cosmic r…

from deep in the cosmos, which has been known to plague vulnerable data and memory chips in electronics.”
As we are talking 5G, we also know that radiations generally, and cosmic rays as well, can wipe off our data, make unusual changes in installed programmes, corrupt connecting systems and generally disrupt circuitry functions. They also cause different types of cancer. This means that we are now in a new era, where cosmic dangers, innovations in science, technology and nanotechnology are coming together to create problems we cannot handle. Think, hypothetically, of all the cars manufactured between the year 2000 and 2019 suddenly stopping wherever they were on a particular day. Or if the Altitude Control System (ACS) of all satellites guiding our international flights lose every sense of direction and location and confuse the pilots. Think of how events from outer space of March 29, 1989 in Quebec created a national blackout and billions of dollars in loses. It made the U.S. Space Command to re-compute the orbits of more than 1,300 satellites. There have been many such incidents affecting thousands of such devises in space.

For the record, we are ordinarily protected from these Cosmic Dangers by our atmosphere. In addition, there is also the Heliosphere, which protects our planet and all the planets in our solar system from what scientists call cosmic and intergalactic rays. This Heliosphere is created by the continuous outflow of invisible energy from the sun. It is like a magnetic field, or envelop, keeping our Solar System in a bubble that goes as far as four billion kilometres beyond the very end of our Solar System; creating a “no-go-area” from what scientists call high-energy particles from blackholes and supernovas. But the atmosphere and the Heliosphere are now compromised. While the atmosphere is severely damaged by our depletion of the Ozone Layer, the Heliosphere is shrinking because the ‘Solar Wind’ from the sun, which inflates it, has been growing weaker over the last 60 years means trouble for us.

A shrinking Heliosphere will allow approaching cosmic dangers to penetrate more easily. It also means that we cannot shut our doors to intruding harmful radiations, at a time that scientists are recording increased bombardments of the earth by what they call high energy –GeV particles from outer space. Add that to the discovery of what is called “Transfer Flux Events” and the Magnetic Channels Transfer Flux Events, which allow particles from the sun that would ordinarily not enter the earth’s magnetic shield to do so, and you can see that we are in real trouble from Cosmic Dangers.

To recalibrate and contextualise the foregoing, we only need to keep it in mind that we are now in a world that operates a scientific philosophy focused on “episodic” successes, rather than a holistic conception of even scientific reality itself. Unbridled commercialism, the desperate schemes of nations striving for world dominance and the dictates of globalised capital are behind it all. This is going on while the earth, the sun, the moon, planets, asteroids, comets, cosmic dust and all heavenly bodies, including those that are too far for us to see with scientific instruments, are emitting their own peculiar radiations. We are working on cover-ups in a world where scientists know that certain radiations from the sun cause carcinogenesis and deterministic degenerative tissue effects in the human body. Radiations from the sun also affect even natural disasters here on earth, as often coincide with certain types of natural disasters.

Let more honest science be brought to bear on the 5G controversy, please.



“We are working on cover-ups in a world where scientists know that certain radiations from the sun cause carcinogenesis and deterministic degenerative tissue effects in the human body. Radiations from the sun also affect even natural disasters here on earth, as often coincide with certain types of natural disasters.”