Bolingo Hotel Denies Being Used as Isolation Centre


Bolingo Hotels and Towers yesterday told its clients and the general public that it was one of the top Abuja Hotels considered by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) for use as isolation centre but was not eventually used as an isolation centre for evacuated Nigerians stranded abroad.

In a statement signed by the Hotel’s General Manager, Mr. Dennis Enoyi, the hotel disclosed that the NCDC considered its luxury 350-room facility as one of its isolation centres but ultimately was not used for this purpose.

He further said, “the Hotel has applied the approved new protocols for the safety and comfort of our guests, and will continue to provide the best services to ensure a healthy and pleasant stay.”

Enoyi added that the hotel supports the NCDC and the federal government in its fight to eliminate COVID 19 from Nigeria as it did, when it gallantly fought and defeated Ebola some years ago