Twitter has suggested fact checking two of President Trump’s tweets and it makes the headlines of most papers and now President Trump is issuing an executive order to remedy the situation including possibly shutting down Twitter. The Washington Post has a list of apparently18,000 false or misleading claims by the President and yet they are still publishing – maybe they should be careful of a fire and brimstone response in the near future. Maybe the truth should be published and be subject to being checked.

In this line I did some online searches for interesting facts to review. Fact Check: I didn’t, I just went with what I already know.

These are some of more popular online facts that I couldn’t fact check reliably.
– The earth is flat
– We didn’t go to the Moon
– Lizard people rule the world
There were hundreds of other items online that I have some doubt about although I would be happy if Elvis was still alive.

These are some facts that seem to escape many people:

– Your child is not the most important person in the world.

– Being good on a sports field doesn’t give you the right to be bad off it.

– Influencers don’t influence me.

– Dumb people and their opinions are more common than you think.

On a more serious side we also need to accept that Vaccinations do work, the 5G network didn’t spread the COVID-19 virus and couldn’t. We need to know the truth although we might not be able to handle it.

Dennis Fitzgerald,
Melbourne, Australia