LOUD WHISPERS with Joseph Edgar

So the video of the lone NAF soldier complete with the type of gun we see in Rambo movies dancing with some very serious steps hit my phone. The boy is such a good dancer, I simply loved the clip. But as the day wore on, I started hearing unconfirmed reports that he had been arrested.

I had offered him N100, 000 because what I saw was obviously not what his Ogas must have seen if it is true that he has been arrested. What I saw was the fact that this boy has serious passion for his job, the excitement of his career, his love for his uniform all showing in the wonderful dance steps saying I am very proud to fight and maybe die for Nigeria. Obviously, his people like the other ones, who I hear punished the ladies and the policeman who was looking so fine that I did not want the Duchess to see his picture are not looking at it this way. See major PR opportunities being missed by the dragons who rule us. These pictures will pull in more recruits, soften the image of the forces and build more cohesion within the forces. Americans do it a lot.

They support Hollywood movies that glamorize service, encourage force men to go into the entertainment sector. I have seen a whole Navy band doing a Michael Jackson song. For here na guardroom, which kind country be this sef? I cannot cry again. Mbok I have N100,000 for that boy wherever he is, whoever is his mother or wife or relation should contact me, I will give them the N100,000. That boy for me is the face of a new Nigeria. A Nigeria of zest, fun, unity, pride and love for country. That he could still dance not knowing if he will see next week should be celebrated. I just tire. I don go borrow the money. I ready.

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