LOUD WHISPERS with Joseph Edgar

In pure admiration, I had once proposed marriage to Dj Cuppy, the sinfully beautiful and massively talented daughter of business mogul Femi Otedola and ran into a fierce storm.

DJ Cuppy did not help my matter by tweeting the proposal which was a tongue-in-cheek show of admiration and appreciation to her for her immense talent and aggression in showcasing it. That is how one night, sleep-deprived, I went on Youtube and stumbled on some malnourished boys parading themselves as TV host on one of the many Youtube Channels trying their best with limited brain capacity to analyze the said article.

One kept saying, ‘This Duke has a beef with Femi Otedola….’the other one with too much powder on his face kept saying ‘No, he just wants some of Otedola’s money’. Then the clinger, ‘you see DJ Cuppy twitted meaning that she likes him’, the other one almost in tears screamed. ‘ noooo DJ can never be anybody’s fourth wife…. Noooooo”.

These funny boys ended the show by saying that they have been looking for my picture on the net and can’t find it meaning that I am a robot. Finally they promised their listeners that they will dig deeper and get back to them. I could not laugh. Today, I don’t want to talk about those boys that looked like they had not seen a shower in decades but at the tremendous success this my egbon has recorded in fatherhood. For me, his success and indeed the success of any man is not in the amount of money or wealth you amass but in the ideals and ethos you pass on to your kids. As I watched Temi speak on the premium CNN Africa Show about her fashion, her ideals and her drive, I cannot help but marvel at the hard work this gentleman must have put in to bring up these wondrous ladies. From Cuppy to Tolani and now Temi, all you see is the Nigerian Dream.

A dream that should push us all to begin to change the dire narrative of this country by instilling in the next generation very strong tenets that go beyond the narrow and mundane ideals we all live with. Well-done my lord, on the matter of being a son-in-law, how we want start the discussion?