LOUD WHISPERS with Joseph Edgar

I will not say that I write you this morning with pity. Far from it, it is with fear for my own career as a columnist and socio-political commentator because I do not think with this Gambari appointment you are in a very good place.

You see, the last time I saw you when Donald Duke and Ken Etete escorted you to come see my Play Oba Esugbayi, I liked you instantly because I had followed your writings and saw you – still see you as an icon in this our matter. But the way you are slipping and falling all over the place and splattering is making me rethink my career. So see the way, I am yabing my brother Osa now and then four years from now, Osa gets an appointment as Chief of Staff to the wife of his Local Government Chairman and me I am already the Chief Press Secretary to the same madam. How will Osa be looking at me? Me, I know that Osa will not be as urbane as Gambari would be with you. Osa will knock me o.

I trust that one. He will really knock me. Every time they throw up your articles wherein you launched a series of tirades and diatribes against Alhaji Gambari, I will just be cringing. I will be shaking for you because even if we forget, conscience like they say will be flogging you. Ideals and positions should be based on principle and not on moving interests. No mind me, me sef as I am talking will I be able to resign if I were in your shoes? Resign ke, in this time of Covid and palliatives? My brother, as an egbon I cannot advise you but to say, I will be using you as a case study in my next zoom talk on how to pursue legacy in life and career. Na Zoom o, no come. Pele my brother. It cannot be easy.