Elizabeth Jack- Rich Empowers Nigerians

As Nigeria continues to its emergence on the global scale, a young businesswoman with a dream and a tenacity to bring it to fruition is working to empower the nation’s women and youth. Elizabeth Jack-Rich, the embodiment of Nigeria’s next generation of leadership is on a mission bring shared prosperity to her fellow citizens.

Hailing from a humble background, Mrs Jack-Rich focuses on the duality of enterpreneurship and charity as the core tenets of her life. Shaped deeply by her faith, her award-winning charity has supported numerous initiatives to reduce poverty and inequality.

According to Princess Maria Amor, the founder of the We Care For Humanity Organisation”, “Elizabeth Jack-Rich Tien has a ferocious drive in helping the people of Nigeria, lifting the African Continent, whilst doing so. The enthusiasm she has for the sale of people is contagious and powerful”.

After graduating from USAM University Port Novo, Mrs Jack-Rich embarked on her enterpreneurial Journey by growing the Elon Group, where she is the CEO. The privately held conglomerate participates in a series of diverse sectors including energy, real estate development, power generation, agricultural development, aviation and several others. Headquartered in Nigeria, with footprints across the West Africa Subregions and the United States of America, its portfolio of investments touches several facets of society throughout Nigeria.

As an Industry leader in Africa, the Elon Group recently announced a deal with Canadian Aircraft Manufacturer, Dr Havilland Canada, in which it signed a firm purchase agreement to acquire three rebranded Dash 8406s. The aircraft wil help the organizao impact it’s hydrocarbon business and represent the opportunities for Nigeria Firms to partner with international firms and grow as their companies expand.

In reference to this transaction, Todd Young ,the Chief operating Officer of De Havilland Canada exclaimed ” we are delighted to welcome Elin Group to our Family of customers and to announce this order, the second hooked since the relaunch of De Havilland Canada in June this year”.

Mrs Jack-Rich noted, “As a dynamic Enterpreneur and a leader with a vision, I am profoundly pleased that Dr Havilland Canada and Elin Group Nigeria have come together to form a formidable business relationship, that will enable Elin Group to deliver cutting-edge services to customers in the aviation sector.

Purposeful leadership is a hallmark for mrs jack-Rich’s journey messaging to those in her ecosystem.When asked the key drivers to her success,she was quick to note her priorities,

“I would like to assure you that we are in this for the long haul and look forward to expanding other horizons for our collective organizational wellbeing” she stated.

True to the philanthropie pursuits of its founder the entirety of the leadership at Elin Groups believes it had a duty to act in the best interests and growth of the operating environment and society as a whole,As a result, since its founding Elin Group has been commuted to empowering it’s immediate communities with programs and initiatives targeted at reducing poverty and improving the quality of life of its host communities, the desire to promote the welfare of others is at the core of its founding values.

Mrs jack_Rich’s drive to add value to the community around her and in humanity as a whole has led to the creation of the Elizabeth jack_Rich Aid foundation, reaching beyond just her experience, her charitable outlook and goals closely follow that of her husband who embodies excellence in contributing back to society by motivating youths and families in need through issuance of grants,scholarships award,medical support,economic empowerment,skill acquisition and other essential needs.

Formally inuagrated in December 2017.The Elizabeth jack_Rich foundation was founded ad a non-profit organization dedicated to improving lives through empowerment and education. The foundation has awarded over 50 scholarships to the underprivileged and focuses on giving hope to the downtrodden, the youth, the elderly, and ex-service personnel across Nigeria, Africa and the world.

Focusing specifically on education, economic empowerment and hunger, the foundation supports underprivileged communities through a variety of financial and non-financial means.

According to Mrs Jack Rich, inclusion is paramount for empowerment the nation’s women and youth for many reasons. First, it promote a saving culture, it provide a safe place for savings to be built up, thereby providing a source of funds for emergencies and other existential needs. Secondly, financial inclusion facilities access to loans and credit. It provides a platform for broader transactions, thereby helping to grow small and medium scale businesses. Lastly, it increases the earning potential oof women and youth, which leads to financial inclusion can lead to poverty alleviation.

In recognition of her actions, Mrs Jack-Rich was recognized by the National Youth Council of Nigeria NYCN, and conferred her a new award, the Matriarch of Nigeria Youths award, for her outstanding empowerment of Nigerian women.

Sokubo Sara-Igbe Sokubo,the leader of NYCN presented the award in Port Harcourt and recognized Mrs Jack-Rich for not only providing education and training opportunities to 1,100 women, but for also providing NGN 110,000,000 of seed capital.

Speaking at the occasion, Mrs Elizabeth Jack-Rich asserted that empowerment of women is a tremendously important tool for economic development of any society and furthered added that when a community is empowers women, her family, community, nations and the world at large are all beneficiaries. The Group General Manager of the National Petroleum Investment Management Services NAPIMS. Musa Lawal stated that empowerment of a woman is key to a healthy nation.

Always in search for challenges, she and the Foundation strive to support more individual and communities in need of assistance. As she takes on the world, it is without a doubt she will remain an indomitable force.

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