DamyQue births into the Nigerian Music Scene

Meet Orulebaja Quadri, the man who has defied all odds, has scaled past and is still scaling past obstacles confronting him to become the star he hopes to be in the nearest future. Orulebaja Quadri, popularly known as DamyQue, is a Nigerian artiste songwriter and performer. He is a native of Kwara State but born and brought up in Isolo-Ikotun, Lagos, Nigeria.

He was born into a Sakara music group family. So, you can say that music has been in his blood and was ingrained in him from the moment he could breathe. He is the only surviving child of four from his parents. Despite this, he has continued to perspire, grow stronger and better, and has refused to be put down by the things that surround him, making his family proud where they are.

DamyQue had been inspirational with music from childhood and at 15, he discovered his musical talent and started performing at various carnivals and local shows with no demo or studio recorded tracks. He has always been a very passionate, determined and talented young man and obviously, those attributes have greatly contributed in bringing him to limelight.

He started freestyling to famous instrumentals till he met with a producer who helped him with his first recording and according to the artiste, it was life changing for him as it introduced him to the CEO of Thugluvin Records, Richthug who became interested in the young act. DamyQue got a contract deal with the label and since then has been making major moves in the Nigerian entertainment scene. He hasn’t slowed down on his career and his passion is something to be admired and emulated. Some would call it an obsession even, but like all great people in history have proven, what is worth doing, is worth doing well, and DamyQue has again showed us that with passion and determination, there’snotjibg you cannot achieve. Although he hasn’t gotten to the peak of his career just yet, it is clear that he is down the right path. DamyQue is one person that the world ought to keep an eye out for as he is bent on making waves in the music industry, not only in Nigeria, but the world at large.

Besides being a determined, focused and passionate musician, he’s also an individual and as such, has various interests including: writing music, swimming, traveling, meditating amongst others. This is DamyQue- the man, the passion, the story.

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